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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Cloth Diapering at Daycare in a Disposable World

I recently had a mother approach me wanting to make the switch from disposable diapers to cloth. This was a first for me; I’ve never had a mother ask if it was okay to use cloth. My automatic answer was let’s do this, lets make the change. I wanted to learn everything I could about switching to cloth. I researched so much that I made the great switch to cloth diapers for my own little man. Cloth diapering was a whole new world for me I loved the fact that I could save my family so much money while being eco-friendly.

I realized some moms really struggle with approaching there provider about switching to cloth. Approaching a provider about making the switch to cloth diapering does not have to be intimidating. The first step is ask to schedule a meeting time to discuss cloth diapering. Inform your provider about the reason your making the switch to cloth. It may be that you love your provider but want to switch to cloth to offset the price of childcare while being eco- friendly.

Demonstration is key. Bring your choice of cloth diapers along with your choice of inserts. Let the provider see how easy using cloth diapers really is. I think some people have an old fashion preposition of cloth diapering, when really cloth diapering has really evolved over the years. Many people choose to have the provider’s use the disposable inserts. This is also the time you want to explain how you will be transferring the dirties home each night. Some people bring wet bags, others choose individual plastic sacks.

Come prepared. Bring a copy of your states regulations on cloth diapering . This can be found by your states NAEYC, National Association for the Education of Young Children. Have a back up plan, this may be a list of providers who are willing to accept cloth diapering.

Once your provider is on board get your daily supplies in order. I bring cloth diapers daily, I suggest 8 a day for a newborn and 6 for older infants and toddlers. If you decided to use cloth wipes those will also need to be in your bag along with some cloth diaper friendly bum cream. My best tip is always prep your bag the night before.

I hope this has eased fears of other fellow cloth diapering mommas. Ask your provider about their written cloth diaper policy; if this isn’t in place encourage them to write one. You can be another mom's future advocate. Hand in hand we can start a cloth diaper revolution.

Bio: My name is Kenci Grayson. I'm wife to Chris, Mommy to Landon, Cayden and Carter. I'm a lead care provider for infants and toddlers at a licensed daycare facility. I have my CDA and am nationally accredited in childcare.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a very informative blog.

Judy Hunter said...

Thanks for a very informative blog.

Kara Cathey said...

Never even considered sending cloth to child care. Thanks!! :)

Kara Cathey said...

Never even considered sending cloth to child care! Thanks!!