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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Silly

I know, I know… “silly”?! I just don’t like the word “stupid” so I changed it J The KISS principle says that most systems work best when it’s design is simple. And that’s my motto when it comes to cloth diapering; and especially cloth diapering on a budget. I want to share with you how I make it work with out all the bells and whistles. My system is simple and it works for me. Plus, I’ll share a few of my favorite brands and products.

Simple System: Diaper covers and an insert/prefold

Using covers and inserts or prefolds will save you money. I like pocket diapers. But I don’t think they are the better option- a preference to some, yes. They are usually more expensive and you don’t have the option of reusing the cover between changes. This means you will need to purchase more for your stash.
I’ve tried several different covers and most worked great.  But for budget purposes I recommend one with snaps. I LOVE the ease of Velcro, but after a year of cloth diapering my Hook & Loop (or Velcro) diapers are not sticking well anymore. Since I plan to pass these down to my next child, and let’s face it, a lot of us don’t have extra cash to be throwing at more diapers, I will be choosing snaps for now on. A few of my favorite covers under $12 are Econobum ($11.95) and Wolbybug ($10.99). There are other great covers that cost just a little more like Thirsties and Flip (but even still affordable).

Wolybug cover and Osocozy prefold

Another reason to use the diaper cover system is you can reuse a cover with out washing it. If it’s not soiled, wipe it down, lay it out, and reuse on the next change. This saves on washes and the amount of covers you’ll need. This equals savings for you :)

Now for inserts, I found the one I LOVE! I needed something that pulls wetness away from my baby, that didn’t break the bank, and that could work overnight as well. OSOCOZY Stay Dry Better Fit Prefolds are my favorite. They come in a pack of 12 and are very affordable compared to others. They work great! They absorb tons, and pull away moisture. The only issue here is I find, if dried in the dryer at high heat, it will cause pilling. (As a side note to these prefolds, they do tend to get build up so you must wash them well and extra rinse.) They also work great over night! More bang for your buck J The important thing is to find one YOU’RE happy with. Overall, using covers and a prefold/insert saves money over a pocket diaper and other high end diapers.

Cleaning the poo

No fancy sprayer and spray guard necessary! When I started out, I was worried about cleaning off those soiled diapers. But I couldn’t bring myself to pay all that money for a sprayer. I saw a youtube video that explained that you could just scrap the poo off in the toilet using a spatula. Voila! So now, I keep a plastic “poop” spatula in a bucket next to the toilet. It works great! No mess and a cheap solution. 

Make your own wipes

This is a huge money saver! Just cut up some old receiving blanket or buy a cheap pack of washcloths. Fix up a spray bottle of solution and BAM, no more money for wipes. Throw the wipes in the wash with your diapers. You will read recipes for wipe solution that call for essential oils. Those are nice (and I even use them), but if you don’t have them or want to spend the money, just mix some water, baby soap and even add some baby oil in the mix. Spray the wipe wet, then wipe. Keep It Simple.

In the end, cloth diapering is very do able and rewarding on a budget. Above are just a few of my tips but there are tons more out there. Just remember, to Keep It Simple, Silly :)

By Katie Tananta, Homestead, Florida. Katie is a Stay at Home Mom and Realtor who began her cloth diapering journey over a year ago. She lives in South Florida with her husband and 2 kids, Micah 3 and Annabella 1.

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Meridith said...

That spatula idea is GENIUS! When my son starts eating solids I'm definitely going to use that. Thanks for the post!