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Thursday, June 26, 2014

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I Want to Try More Diapers!

I almost had my 5 year-old son drawing an armadillo for the Kelly's Closet bumGenius Armadillo contest. He had his pencil ready, intrigued by the real-life photos I pulled up online. Then he asked the fatal question, "What is the prize?" When I explained it would be a cloth diaper for his new baby brother, Ezra put down his pencil and replied in exasperation, "Why do you like diapers so much anyway?"

It's a fair question, especially since we have an ample supply of cloth diapers in storage waiting for our newest arrival in the fall. Ezra is my second child and cloth diaper guinea pig. We used disposable diapers on his older sister and decided to test reusable options through a cloth diaper trial when Ezra was eight months old. We liked the pockets we tried (AIOs were newer, more expensive, and less popular at the time) and ditched disposables.

Practically, I know it's a bit eccentric to want to win (and buy) yet another cloth diaper when our stash is more than sufficient for our needs. Many of our diapers have dutifully kept two babies comfortable and dry in style. Some of my favorites with Ezra made it to the bottom of the pile as I discovered new brands or better-fitting styles for his younger brother.

In truth, I'm intrigued by innovations in cloth diapers, new ways to fit one-size, reconfigured fabric combinations, bold colors, and funky patterns. I don't need to collect one brand or own every new thing, but I love to try and test new diapers. I also love outfitting a baby in an adorable fabric. In all honesty, I superficially hoped for a baby girl mainly to justify the purchase of ruffle bum diapers, an absolutely frivolous notion.

Newborn cloth also proved frustrating with my third baby, full of leaks and tricky sizing on his long, lean frame. I've been slowly, but surely, purchasing newborn diapers "just in case" over the past year and a half and I'm excited to try again. Well, as excited as someone can be to return to diapers after potty training their third child and realizing it was her first time not changing diapers in seven years.

I don't have the budget to purchase every new design or pattern that catches my eye. I do, however, watch Kelly's Closet for coupons and love that customer loyalty equals points toward future purchases. I've been watching my points with a plan to treat myself (I mean my baby) to some new AIOs come this winter. Maybe I'll even find a frivolous diaper to replace my ruffled dreams as well.

By Mindy

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