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Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Introducing Cloth via a Shower Gift

Baby shower gifts are an excellent way to gently introduce cloth to a new mom who may not have thought about using it before.  Even if the new parents decide that cloth isn’t for them, they’ll have a couple of emergency diapers for times when they forget to pick up a bag of disposables.  The cloth diaper can also be used as a swim diaper.  Either way, your gift will be unique and will get some use even if you don’t create another cloth diaper addict.  Here are a few gift ideas, most of which include cloth diapers, in addition to items that will be appreciated by any family with a new baby.

The Economical Sampler - $20.90
A cute diaper, small wet bag, and rash creams perfect for the diaper bag. 
Cute on a Budget - $25.74
Using the cute factor of cloth to show how far modern cloth has come, and how easy it can be with AIOs.
 Natural Baby – $34.84
The mom to be is sure she doesn’t want to use cloth, but she still loves natural products that are safe for baby.
Adorable Baby – $45.90
Pick the cutest diaper and snuggly items for a gift that’s sure to get lots of “ooohs and ahhhs”.
Pamper Mom – $52.85
Making mom feel relaxed with goodies just for her always makes a fantastic gift that many baby shower guests forget.  Include a newborn diaper so baby has a gift too.
Cuddle Baby – $67.87
A gift full of the softest baby items. 
Curious About Cloth – $81.75
This mom has expressed an interest in cloth, but isn’t sure just where to start.  Give her a taste of the different types of cloth with this package.
Introducing cloth as a baby gift can be easy.  Just make sure to include a few other small items that can be used regardless of the families diaper preference if they have not expressed a desire to use cloth.  If you really aren’t sure what to get – a gift card to Kelly’s Closet would make any new mom happy.  There are lots of diaper balms and baby care items great for ALL families!

If you’re short on cash, you could offer up your own advise and experience as a gift.  If the family has expressed an interest in learning more about cloth (or breastfeeding), give them a certificate good for one full of day of learning.  Show them how your diapers work or offer to let them test drive a few that you don’t use often.  Offering to be ‘on call’ for the new mom is also a great reassurance for someone who may be nervous about those first few days home alone with baby.

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Anonymous said...

To the moms I know won't be using cloth. I like to give a newborn cover. The cover over a disposable will help contain the newborn poop. It is also easier to wash off a pooped on cover, that pooped on clothes, blanket, ect. I just say the are functional bloomers.

Jodi Armstrong said...

what a great idea. i'm so hesitant to give this to people that aren't planning on using cloth. i'd hate for my gift to not get used :/