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Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Line Drying Cloth Diapers

When you rent a flat in England, you often discover a washing machine where the dishwasher usually resides in an American kitchen. Space is limited, so a laundry room is a luxury. In many homes, so is a dryer.

Our family brought about 10 changes of clothes per person for our summer abroad. Whatever we packed, we had to carry on buses, trains, subways, and in airports. This requires staying on top of laundry in a new way with a family of five, especially with no dryer. As a result, I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for the drying rack.

Our first flat lacked a drying rack and we didn’t want to invest in one for such a short stay, so we made due. Our current residence sports two drying racks and space to use them. While I sometimes miss the convenience of a dryer, I’ve also come to appreciate the economy and simplicity of line drying.

I’ve wanted to line dry cloth diapers for quite some time, but I always pictured them hanging on an outdoor line and this is prohibited by the HOA where I live. Indoor drying seemed time consuming and impractical. This may still be the case in the winter, but indoor drying has proved very effective for us here – and England isn’t exactly experiencing a summer heat wave.

We are currently using traditional metal drying racks that sit on the floor. We keep them near the window and patio doors to help drying along. While clothes can sometimes be stiffer after line drying, this is the only disadvantage I’ve noticed so far. I would love to find a way, however, to hang the clothes in a somewhat aesthetic way. This way, our minimal living room floor space wouldn’t be regularly occupied by clothes.

I asked my blog readers about their favorite drying racks recently and the LOFTi proved popular. This is one line drying option provided by The New Clothesline Company, helping to optimize space while line drying. I looked into these options and immediately wanted one for my own home, especially with a new baby joining us in October!

The LOFTi maximizes space by attaching a line to your ceiling. This is an excellent solution for an indoor space and can handle a large load of laundry. It would also be ideal for our laundry room back home. The DUO is an affordable companion to the LOFTi, or works as a stand-alone unit. It can be hung from anywhere and fold down to travel as well!

These drying items are definitely on my list of ways to continue line drying when I return home at the end of the summer. Do you line dry? Indoors or outdoors? What is your favorite system?

Bio: Mindy is a blogger and freelance writer at The Inquisitive Mom

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Denise said...

We line dry indoors! Got a great little drying rack right in the laundry room! Great ideas! Thanks