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Thursday, August 7, 2014

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Flips for the Win

Before I started my cloth diaper journey, I was set on pocket diapers. It’s what everyone seemed to recommend and use, so I bought a small stash and fell in love. We used prefolds and covers during the newborn stage, and I hated trying to figure out the folds. I didn’t like the two-step system and was even more convinced I was a pocket kind of person until a free diaper cover changed my thinking completely.

I received a Flip cover as a free diaper cover when I made an order through Kelly’s Closet, and almost forgot about it until I found it shoved in the back of the diaper drawer. I pulled it out one day when my daughter was about four months old and researched what I could do with it. A quick search at KC showed that Flip made several different kinds of inserts, and I decided to try the stay dry inserts and organic cotton overnight inserts. They also make organic cotton day inserts that I haven’t tried, but plan to buy some when it gets closer to my daughter potty training. Disposable inserts are another option as well, and although I have wanted to try those too, haven’t really had a reason to yet.

After using the covers and inserts, I was hooked. First of all, no more stuffing! I could quickly fold the inserts and be done with diaper laundry. It also means less diaper laundry in general because I can use a cover several times before having to wash it. I simply rotate two covers throughout the day, unless of course there’s a poop explosion. I wipe the inside with a wipe and hang it to air dry to use for the next diaper change.

The stay dry inserts hold the same amount as the one size insert in the 4.0’s. For nighttime, we use the organic overnight inserts and have never had a leak. They are soft, fold easily and hold a ton! My daughter usually sleeps 12 hours now, and they last the whole night. I use a fleece liner to keep the moisture away from her skin. I love the flaps that the covers have as well, and they do a great job at keeping the inserts in place.

Another advantage Flips have on pocket diapers is they take up much less room, making them ideal to travel with. On short day trips, I simply throw 3-4 inserts and an extra cover or two in my diaper bag. I recently started taking them on longer trips when I visit my parents for a week, and don’t know why I didn’t start taking them on our trips sooner. I take about 24 stay dry inserts, 4 nighttime inserts and 6-8 covers. This allows my to wash every 3 -3 1/2 days (I stretch my washing out while I’m visiting because my father is somewhat controlling over water usage at his house). They take up considerably less space than all those pocket diapers I previously was taking. The covers can even be hand washed if needed and take almost no time to dry.

I do have a few complaints about the covers, though. My original Flip is hook and loop, and although it still is working, has shown its wear. The laundry tabs usually no longer stay fastened while washing and aren’t very sticky anymore. For this reason I prefer snaps, but still like using the hook and loop at night to get the best fit. bumGenius hasn’t made any of their new released colors in hook and loop, so I’m hoping they are upgrading them. The elastics have relaxed quite a bit as well, but I haven’t had any real issues with leaking.

If you haven’t tried out the Flip system, I highly recommend it. I’m expecting our second in September and know that I will be so thankful to not have to stuff all those diapers every other day.

Bio: Jamie is a SAHM to her 16 month old daughter (and a boy due in September), a Marine wife and a knitter/crocheter/crafter in her free time.

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