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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Daddy's Favorite Diapers

We are glad to have a Daddy who has jumped all in with our (AKA my) cloth diaper obsession. After some practice and patience, he now can put on any diaper style/system we own! However, there are some styles/systems that he NEVER reaches for, and ones he always grabs!

Our Stash

Our stash consists of a mix of pocket diapers (BumGenius 4.0’s), All-In-One’s (BumGenius Freetimes, Grovia AIO, Bottombumpers and SmartBottoms) and All-in-Two’s (Grovia Hybrids).  We use the Freetime’s mainly for daycare and then also use Flip covers with either a Grovia Prefold wrapped around a Grovia booster or two, or a Kissaluv’s fitted for nighttime.

What Does Daddy Always Grab and Why?

If given his own choice, Daddy always puts the little one in an All-in-Two, our Grovia Hybrid. To me, this is a surprising choice to be his favorite! However, here are his reasons:

  1. No Flaps or Stuffing. Just snap in the soaker pad and go. He loves that the system is simple.
  2. If the insert is just wet, the shell can be re-used!
  3. Great fit with the extra hip snaps. He never thinks he’s put it on too loose.
  4. Cute prints! His absolute favorite Grovia shell is Woodlands.  I happen to love it as well J While this is a retired print, the new prints available now are super cute too!
What Diaper Does Daddy Never Put On Baby?

Any diaper with side snaps. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s that he has bigger hands then Mommy, but he just can’t get the hang of side snaps. I happen to love my Grovia AIO and Bottombumpers that have side snaps, but Daddy, does not. To me, the side snapping diapers are super trim. You can get those skinny jeans over a Grovia AIO and Bottombumpers for sure!

What diaper or diaper system does your Daddy always grab?

BIO: Stephanie is a working mom to her favorite little boy. She loves babywearing, cloth diapering, and being as cruchy as possible!

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