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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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I'm Overwhelmed By All the Cloth Diaper Options!

Did you ever think that when you decided to try cloth diapers there would be SO many options? It's a little overwhelming at times when you are first getting started.  Prefolds? AIOs? OS? Pockets? Oh my...which one will I like best? 

Every family has slightly different needs and that is one reason there are so many cloth diaper options available. The best way to decide which style you'll like best is to ask yourself some questions about your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget. Let's take a look at the 3 main styles of cloth diapers...

Prefolds (or flats) & Covers: Very economical and friendly for any budget. This is a great option for the newborn stage if you don't want to invest in a lot of expensive newborn all-in-one diapers.  The only drawback to prefolds and covers is that it can be intimidating to a new parent who has never used them before.  Prefolds and covers are the most similar to the old-fashioned cloth diapers; except you don't need to use pins anymore.  You can use pins, Snappi's or just lay the prefold into a waterproof cover. These are available in one-size and sized options.

Thirsties Pocket Diaper - One Size
Pocket Diapers: These are our most popular style of cloth diaper and one that we recommend most often. They are most commonly a one-size fits all diaper (8-35+lbs) and come with 1-2 microfiber inserts that stuff nicely inside a pocket. They are available in both snaps and hook & loop (aka Velcro) closures and are very easy to use. Pocket diapers range from about $12-19 for the most basic brands.  Most popular brands include the bumGenius 4.0, Thirsties OS pocket, and the Rumparooz OS pocket.  The main differences in most brands are the fun prints and colors.

Thirsties AIO - One Size
All-In-One (AIO) Diapers: These are the most similar diaper to a disposable with no extra pieces to stuff inside pockets.  All of the inserts (absorbent materials) are sewn into the diaper and go on very easily.  AIO diapers are great for daycare workers, daddy friendly, and preferred by those who may be intimidated by all the extra pieces of old-fashioned diapers.  AIOs are available in snaps or hook & loop closures and come in a variety of brands, colors, and prints. You can even find AIOs with natural fibers; however they tend to be in the $25+ range for price. Popular brands include GroVia, Bottombumpers, bumGenius, Smart Bottoms and Thirsties.  

There are other styles of diapers available including hybrid, snap-in-twos, and fitteds.  We encourage you to look around and research all options; but prefolds/covers, pockets, and AIOs are our most popular styles for new parents.

For only $50 you can try one of each of these popular styles of cloth diapers to see which style you prefer.  Our Try Cloth Diaper Sampler Package includes:
  • 1 One-Size Waterproof Diaper Cover 
  • 1 Regular Size Natural Prefold Insert (Fits 8-30lbs) that can be used with the diaper cover
  • 1 FREE Snappi Fastener to use with the prefold and diaper cover
  • 1 One-Size Pocket Diaper 
  • 1 One-Size All-In-One Diaper 
  • Estimated value of the package is $50-60 Plus Free Standard Shipping
  • May include popular brands like Thirsties and bumGenius.

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