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Sunday, February 1, 2015

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5 Steps to Converting Dad to the Cloth Side

Convincing a fellow mama to switch to cloth is fairly easy. What mom wouldn’t want to save money, the environment, prevent rashes AND have a cute fluff butt on their baby? But getting dad on board is a whole different spectrum. Lots of dads already cringe at the idea of having to touch a poopy disposable diaper. A cloth diaper to them just sounds even worse since now you have to wash the poopy cloth diaper and *gasp* reuse it. It may take some work to convince dad, but it is doable. Here are 5 tips for convincing dad that fluff is the way to go:

1. You’ll save all sorts of money.
There are so many different infographics out there on how much money you can save with even just part-time cloth. While talking to a friend about converting, she mentioned she had already spent $40 on disposables that week and needed to get some more on her way home…and it was only Thursday! I used that as a Segway and told her with $40 she could get at least 2-3 diapers that will last her to potty training! She took that bit and told her husband. Now they’re slowly converting to cloth! With that in mind, that money could be used elsewhere, like for a new tool, video game, date night or toy for the baby. Why throw away money?

2. No more late night diaper runs!
Dad just went through 9 months of late night craving runs for preggo mama. Does he really want the cycle to continue with needing diapers for baby? I remember my dad going to Costco to buy disposable diapers in bulk because he was so tired of my mom waking him up because my middle sister had a midnight blow out and there was nothing to change them into. By the third (and last) sister, my mom converted to part time cloth, classic prefolds and covers.

3. There are manly diapers out there.
Not all cloth diapers are plastic white pants. There are a plethora of colors and prints that the modern cloth diaper comes in. Kelly’s Closet and many WAHM that make cloth diapers offer cute girly and boyish prints! RaR’s invader print would be perfect for a nerd at heart. Or Tiny Tot’s dinosaur print would definitely appeal to the Jurassic Park lover. I enticed my hubby by ordering him a couple custom diapers, and it sealed the deal. I always show him the “latest” prints, in hopes he’ll want it for our fluff stash! (pictured is a NC Tar Heels custom, Dad’s favorite college team!)

4. No more blow outs!
As mentioned above, dads don’t like poop. They like to poop, but not deal with poop. (Or is that just my husband) In the 7 months that I have been cloth diapering, we’ve had one blowout. That was when my daughter was constipated for a few days and unloaded all that cargo in one swoop. The cloth diaper was just so full; it had nowhere else to go. Even dad was pretty impressed at our blow out stats.

5. Happy mama = happy dad
On top of all the good stuff cloth has to offer, there’s a whole community of moms (and dads!) that love cloth diapering and spreading the word around. Networking with other moms is a morale booster, especially for those who have post-partum depression (speaking from experience). The great thing about moms making friends is that baby has new playmates and dad will have another guy to talk to about how crazy mom is for wanting the latest new prints!

*Bonus Tip* Having a fellow dad talk about how great cloth diapering is. That’s what ultimately pushed my hubby to jump on board. Ever since then, we have in turn converted two other families to switch to cloth. Having dad hear from another dad that cloth diapering isn’t just crazy talk seems to set the idea in stone.

I wish all you mamas the best of luck in converting friends and their hubby’s into the world of cloth diapering! Don’t forget to warn them that it can get addicting!!

Bio: Leslie T. is a SAHM with a 7 month old rainbow baby.

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