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Sunday, February 15, 2015

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Fluff In The Field

I've seen a lot of posts (and questions) about cloth diapering on the road, well this post is a little different, I cd in the field! My lil Buckaroo and I go everyday to help daddy feed cows, I drive the truck while Cowboy throws hay off the back and lil Buckaroo supervises LOL

We're gone anywhere from 2 to 4 hours which means a minimum of one change/feeding while we're out.

I take pretty much the same thing in my bag any mom packs, a change of clothes, a change pad, extra diapers, and wipes.

I usually have BG AIOs along, generally 3 for an afternoon "just in case", I take one wipe for each diaper and then an extra. When we first started I took dry wipes and a water bottle but now I wet them at home and pack them in my nifty little mini wet bag from Bummis!

I don't have a regular wetbag yet so I take plastic bags along to put the used diapers in and just dump them in my next load!

Our Lil Buckaroo is 17 weeks old and we've been helping Cowboy every day for the last two weeks. He loves seeing the cows and watching daddy (he naps really nicely in the truck too!)

Bio: Cowgirl Mama is a new mom, loving the country life. You can follow her on her blog:

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