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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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The Easiest Way to Introduce Cloth Diapers to Your Mommy Friends!

When I am invited to a baby shower of a friend, I have a huge urge to buy them a stash of cloth diapers. However, I respect the decision of my friends to diaper their child however they wish. I have been thinking how I can introduce my friends to using cloth diapers. I have figured it out!

Buy a cloth diaper cover! I have thought of three reasons:

1) They can still use disposable diapers but they can prevent blowouts! I know this was a big selling point for me when I switched to cloth. This can be an easy solution for the new parent with a newborn who has explosive accidents!

2) They are much easier to wash! The thought of laundry was daunting to me- all the different settings and steps- oh, my! Easy solution: If baby has had a blowout, tell them to toss in regular laundry if baby is exclusively breastfed, or just rinse in water if on formula or baby food. Hang dry over a towel rack in baby’s bathroom or on a hanger!

3) They are just plain adorable! Buy a diaper cover of their favorite color or theme of baby’s nursery. For example: If baby nursery is “Bumble Bee theme” you can buy them the new Rumparooz Unity diaper cover. Cloth Diaper Love at first sight!!

Present your baby shower gift in a way that is attractive- I will give you some ideas! Adorable little basket with a bow and little gifts inside- the cloth diaper cover, a few cloth wipes for new parent to try, and a few other goodies from baby registry. Have fun with it!

Bio: Claudia Thompson is a mother of two little girls, and lives in Groesbeck, Tx. She loves taking her family to the zoo and spending quality time with her girls.

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