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Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Buzz Day WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Laura E.- Antelope, CA
* Kelly M- Waconia, MN
* Tracy P.-Madison, WI
* Stefanie F. - Fort Worth TX
* Emily W.- Springfield, MO
* Nancy H.- Louisville, KY
* Sarah H.-Tallahassee, FL
* Heather C.- East Syracuse,NY
* Heidi P.-Stilwell, KS
* Tam N.- Anthem,ZA

* Debra O.- The Dalles, AL
* Kelly S.- Sarasota FL
* Erin L.-Clarion, PA
* Kathryn M.-Bowie, MD
* Jennifer M.- Acworth, GA
* Jillian P.-Obetz, OH
* Leah D.-Fulton, KY
* Kelly S.-Spokane,WA
* Meeghan A.-Chilmark,MA
* Jodi G-Charlotte,MI

* Stephanie S.-Wyoming,MN

* Ashley S.-Hilmar,CA

* Shane D.-Pittsburgh,PA

* Christiane D. -Kill devil hills,NC

* Corrina S.-Oviedo, FL


Note: We will send you the diapers/prizes from our current stock. We will use unisex colors. Have in mind that you DON'T need to contact us as the prize will be sent together with your order!!! Congratulations again!!!!


Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

Is there any way to verify that our order was included in the drawings and giveaways? Because I put in my order at 11:01 on the dot.

Kelly Wels said...

Thank you so much for your post and for participating in our Buzzzz day! The first 10 drawings of the day for the BG diapers started at 12:01 est and we received the first 10 orders within 13 seconds!
All other orders over $100 were entered into our other drawings and were drawn randomly (except for the largest dollar volume order).
We appreciate you being an avid reader on our blog and again thank you for participating in "The Buzzzzz".

Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

That is fine...I am in central so it was 11:01 for me.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Lindsey: It is so funny how many orders can be made within one minute....

Anyway, continue participating in our giveaways... Im sure you will be winning very soon as you have been a top 1 commenter from day 1!

By the way, Alex and Ben are SOOO cute!!! What a blessing!!!

Stefanie F, said...

Yay! Thanks for offering such great giveaways! I set my alarm so I could be one of the first 10 customers. I'm so glad I was able to sneak in there! =)

Jennifer said...

Thank you sooo much!!! Truly a blessing!!

Emily W. said...

Thank you so much..what a treat to find out I'd won something! Just wanted to say that I love your store!

Emily W.