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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Miracle Diapers- A new home for your used cloth diapers

Unwanted cloth diapers? What? Yes, we all have to admit it. There is a diaper or diapers in our cloth diaper stash that just didn't work for our baby. Also, when you know that you aren't having any more children donating your used cloth diapers to a worth while cause is so rewarding. Many customers will ask me if there is a place to donate their gentle used cloth diapers.
Miracle Diapers is the place we suggest. Here is a bit about Miracle Diapers:

"Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing cloth diapers, baby products, and natural living items to struggling families all over the world. We accept donations that were given generously by caring individuals and redistribute them to families who are in need of assistance.
The use of disposable products decreases resources, increases waste output, costs more, and has significant health risks. Through providing cloth diapers and other natural living alternatives to low income families, we aspire to increase the use of reusable items on a larger scale, therefore helping improve the environment."

With the current state of the economy there is an even greater need for donations of gently used diaper products. Here is a list of items Miracle Diapers will accept:

"We accept all items pertaining to cloth diapering; covers, cloth wipes, wool soaker, snappis, even fabric and sewing supplies. We accept used, seconds, and recycled diapers. We also accept slings, natural baby items, unused natural menstrual items, unused cloth nursing pads, and natural living products. Cash donations are joyously welcome as well, and are used to purchase diapers and to help cover shipping and advertising costs."

If you have some time this weekend go through your cloth diaper stash and evaluate it. There might be some items another baby could use!


Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

I am in the process of applying for help through this organization. We are hoping to be able to start cloth diapering our twin boys but unfortunately cannot afford the start up costs now that I am a sahm. Keep this mission in your prayers.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I will keep you and your family in my prayers!! =)

Kelly Wels said...

Thinking of you and your family and certainly will keep them in my prayers. It is a wonderful program!

Andrea said...

That's great to know! Sometimes donating feels so much better than selling when you're done with something, and it's nice to know of an organization that fills this niche need.

Slee said...

This is a wonderful idea. I'm so glad that Miracle Diapers is doing this.

Heather M said...

I agree with Lindsey! We're in the process of starting up and also need some help financially, but Miracle Diapers isn't accepting applications right now! I wish I could donate, but Only have 3 diapers right now and Am using all of them!

kim0218 said...

Wonderful mission!! Helping others is truly what this life is all about!!