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Monday, November 17, 2008

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Product Focus: Happy Heiny's One Size Diaper

Happy Heiny's, one of the largest manufacturers of modern reusable cloth diapers, is proud to officially announce their newest product: The One Size Snap cloth diaper. This diaper is the newest addition to a full line of reusable cloth diapering products and accessories manufactured by Happy Heiny's.

"When we originally developed our One Size pocket diaper nearly 5 years ago we did so with the long-term idea of including a snap version," states Linda Byerline CEO and inventor of Happy Heiny's. " Our One Size diaper was actually placed on the shelf for several years while we were having difficulty meeting the demands of our sized reusable diapers. Finally due to unrelenting requests from customers we dusted off the One Size diaper and debuted it last Sept 2007. One year and one month later, we are releasing the much anticipated Snap Version of this diaper," says Byerline. "Over the past year I can't count the number of emails and phone calls I have had requesting this addition. The problem some moms have with our Aplix (like Velcro) version of the diaper is an age old problem most moms have with diapers, the baby stripping and then unspeakable actions made by the baby with the presents left in the diaper. The new Snap version of our One Size diaper will solve this issue," Byerline explains.

Users of Happy Heiny's will be pleased to know that although we have made the one change of adding snaps to the closure of the diapers there have been no other changes in the ever-popular one size diapers. Users will now have the choice of purchasing the super daddy friendly Aplix (like Velcro) version or the stripper baby proof snap version. Happy Heiny's is happy to add that there will not be a price increase with this change. "We want everyone to be able to afford reusable diapers for their babies," states Byerline. "With our One Size diapers a parent can purchase as few as 12 diapers with inserts for as little as $200. These will last from birth to potty training for multiple children. We are talking about a savings of over $2000 per child for their diapering days, not to mention the lessened impact on the environment. What else can a parent want for their baby?" states Linda Byerline.

Our one size were invented nearly 6 years ago. We had several customers ask us for a one size diaper so we decided to go ahead and make one up. Unfortunately at the same time a different brand received an exclusive license on the one size pocket diaper so our idea was shelved even though it had already been widely tested and well loved. After that license had ended we were quite busy with the current product line that we waited another couple of years before debuting the diaper to the public. The one size is made exactly like our sized diapers. It has a PUL outer layer and a micro fleece inner layer.

Happy Heiny's are the only diaper that come in 24 different colors. We also currently have 3 prints made out of the same material as the solid diapers and have 4 more prints that we are working on building inventory. They prints will be released soon as well as another 10 prints that have been designed just for us. We also have 4 different sizes available with the one diaper. Another exciting diaper we now have is the one size snap diaper available. A diaper wanted by many many parents. We have 2 one size diapers. Our regular 8-35 lb one size and our brand new mini one size diaper that fits 5-15 lbs. We developed the mini diaper because sometimes even an 8 or 9 lb baby will not fit properly in a diaper made to fit up to potty training. The reason is the legs, most newborns are born with very skinny legs even at 9 lbs the legs tend to be skinny. The mini addresses this issue.

About Happy Heiny's: Happy Heiny's was first opened in Jan. 2002 after the premature birth of the third child of Linda Byerline. It was a true invention of necessity. Over the last 6 years Happy Heiny's has become one of the largest manufacturers of modern day reusable cloth diapers.

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