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Sunday, December 14, 2008

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More EXTRA comments for the Fluff Friday from Week 7!

* The FIRST THREE moms (or dads) leaving a comment will have an EXTRA comment EACH for being fast. They are:
- Kirsten (4themfamily at gmail dot com)
- Shari & Andrew

* The following people will one ONE extra comment EACH just because they were nice enough to comment on the Winner's post, even though they were not getting points for an extra comment on the giveaway.... They are:
- KayStarGoesRawr
- Serena
- Katrina
- The McKitterick Family
- Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben
- Angela
- mommasboys
- Jennifer M.
When you guys post your extra comment just write why you are leaving that extra comment!!! Congrats!!!!


Angela said...

here is my comment... I really love these fluff weeklys!

Serena said...

WOW - Thanks!

I've been a commenter before it was actually "rewarding." However, I certainly don't mind being rewarded for commenting! =)

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

There are some of you that come here every week and I feel like I know you guys... Wouldnt it be nice if you guys find friends in here? That is the whole purpose of the rewards and we want this place to be FUN and I promise you guys will have LOTS of fun talking to each other!! =)

Kelly Wels said...

So glad you all participate! Have fun on the blog and enjoy!

Katrina said...

Wow, thanks. :) I love participating in the fluff friday contests, and reading the posts all about fluff. It's such an addiction. LOL

mommasboys said...

Thanks for the extra comment! I am just having fun reading your blog and looking at other blogs. It has inspired me to start my own, although it is going kind of slow. LOL

Senior Family said...

how cool :) that is awesome you gave them extras :) this site is really fun !! i would read even w/o contests ! i love cd and blogs

The McKitterick Family said...

Thanks for the extra comment! I love this site, I keep finding things to buy and of course I love the blog, reading all of the articles and comments. I love fluff Fridays and the giveaways, it is a fun challenge.