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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Happy New Year! As I reflect on 2008 I am so pleased at how many things our company has accomplished and thank you for helping us!


I also want to dedicate this post and ask you what you would like to see for 2009 from our blog and our company. We want to make your experience here at the blog the best ever and your shopping experience at our stores fun and informative.

Some questions I have for you all:

1. What kind of articles/topics would you like to see on future posts?

2. Any suggestions on how we can make the blog better? (link suggestions, layout, communications)

3. What new product(s) would you like to see us carry?

4. Any service(s) we can provide on the blog and/or our stores?

5. Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

Post your comments between today, New Year's Day, and next Sunday (January 4th) and get an extra entry into our Fluff Friday Drawing!


Jennifer and Jason said...

I just got back from a trip and I was wondering how in the world I would have used my cloth diapers during a car trip. A post about using cloth diapers while traveling would be interesting. Like experiences people have had and so on.

Erika said...

i enjoy your product reviews. and the blog in general.

since i'm new to this whole cloth diapering thing :) i like the suggestion about how to do cloth diapering while traveling.

maybe "the best" and "worst" detergents to use (by product).

how about videos?? like how-to's? reviews of different diapers? tips on diapering?

the momma said...

I would love to learn more about using cloth wipes... especially involving a wipes warmer. I've seen posts about it, but still cannot comprehend how it works. Maybe a pictorial?

Kristin said...

1. What kind of articles/topics would you like to see on future posts?

I love the posts about the reality of using CDs-- like the hard water post this week. Tips and tricks are great, too.

2. Any suggestions on how we can make the blog better? (link suggestions, layout, communications)

I think it looks great! I love your links, so adding more would be fun :)

3. What new product(s) would you like to see us carry?

I'd love to see you have Goodmamas in stock, but I know that's easier said than done ;) Other than that, you all have a great selection! Also, those Polar Bummis covers that were part of the blog post this week look really neat.

4. Any service(s) we can provide on the blog and/or our stores?

You all have great service! Free shipping is always appreciated, but I know that's not always feasible :)

5. Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

I love how you've added the blog! I LOVE this thing!

mommasboys said...

I would love to see an aticle on what to do if your little gets sick, and all that comes with that(if you know what i mean). If you need to do anything different if you choose to keep them in cloth, special washing instructions, safe diaper creams, etc.

Katie said...

I would be interested to know what others do with their old cloth diapers (diapers that the elastic has worn out, aplix no longer works, etc) . . . I have several diapes that are well past their prime and I cannot use anymore.

Sara in Seattle said...

1. What kind of articles/topics would you like to see on future posts?

I'd love to perhaps see a weekly write-in question/answer post. The readers could send in questions and you could pick one to answer. Also, I love the bios behind the brand; keep those up! And perhaps you could occasionally run a "poll post" and then pick one of the commenters to feature and expand their response into a full post.

And I know this isn't strictly related to cloth diapering, but since all of us moms are also interested in general "baby and child health" topics, maybe we could even see an occasional post on other topics related to breastfeeding, babywearing, etc. These could still end up being related to products sold at your site :)

2. Any suggestions on how we can make the blog better? (link suggestions, layout, communications)

I really like the blog!

3. What new product(s) would you like to see us carry?

I'd love to see more baby carriers and a bit of expansion in the baby feeding area, too (some BPA-free storage containers would be great, and maybe a couple feeding sets). Also Lilypadz breast pads, since they are awesome if you need a really invisible breast pad.

4. Any service(s) we can provide on the blog and/or our stores?

5. Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

Keep up the good work! It was this blog that really made your site stand out from other cloth diaper sellers, and it's now made
Kelly's Closet my favorite source for cloth diapers!

Cecile said...

A post about traveling & cloth diapers would be very helpful. Also, I'm new at CD and I'm trying to find the best way to organise the diaper changing area with all the pockets, inserts, doublers, liners, cloth wipes, etc. I'd just like to hear some tips to be a bit more efficient and faster.

Kelly said...

I'd find it helpful to have some sort of glossary or maybe a wiki of cloth diapering terms, definitions, and abbreviations. I'm new to using cloth and I'm still trying to figure out the various options, components, and items available or that I might need or try to be successful.

Megan said...

I am a fan on facebook. Yeah! As a pregnant mom who is interested in cloth diapering, I really appreciate the comparisons between cloth diapers- but wonder what I truly need to have supply-wise- in order to be successful at it. What about cloth wipes?

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Jennifer & Jason and Erika,
A cloth diapering when traveling segment would be terrific. I am also open to anyone contributing to the blog to let us know there experiences with cloth!

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Erika,
The video idea is awesome! I actually just received a "flip" video for Christmas. It is the BEST camcorder,takes wonderful videos, and is so easy to use. Let me know what you would like to see- product demonstrations, our facility, a washing demo!

Kelly Wels said...

Hi The Momma,
A post on cloth wipes is a great idea. Sometimes I don't think 'outside the box' and only think diapers. I will add this to our to do list.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Kristin,
I think Serena is working on the reality of cd (washing, how to cure the 'stink'). She has great insight and tips. Watch for her posts on Tuesday.
We hope to have GM (good mamas) in stock in a few weeks. We stocked them twice last year and had over 500 people on the site. We have however switched over shopping carts and it is better inventory controlled plus have increased our bandwidth so we shouldn't have any problems (i hope!) when we stock again.
Glad you like the blog.

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Mommasboys,
Wow! Excellent topic. I hadn't even thought of doing a post on that. A post on what to do if baby gets a rash, what are safe creams, how you disinfect, etc.
Added to the list.

team krasean said...

I have an older child (4 years) who wears a diaper overnight. I'd like more info on option for "bigger" kids.

As others have said, tips are always helpful.

I love the Friday giveaways. I haven't won yet, but it makes it really fun to check for updates on the blog....and, you give away great stuff!!

Dani said...

I enjoy reading about other's cloth diapering experiences. Maybe a question/answer post would be fun to read too.

As for products - I'm excited about the new FB one-size that's scheduled to come out later this month, I hope you'll carry it!

How to videos would have been so helpful for me in the beginning since.

Kira said...

I think the blog is awesome. I'll miss being able to check it daily when I have to go back to work! I agree with other "posters" that it would be great to have general baby care info once in a while. I'm particularly interested in knowing if other people have tips on keeping up breastfeeding once you return to work. Obviously, I'll be pumping, but I wonder if people have suggestions for making it an easier transition for baby, etc. In terms of the store, I would love to see baby/toddler toys, especially earth-friendly, unique products that you can't get at Target and BBrUS. I'd love to shop your site exclusively because you have such great customer service, but I have to go to CottonBabies for baby clothes and toys. Overall, I think you are doing a fantastic job and providing a wonderful service for new moms and moms new to cloth diapering! Happy New Year to you and your family!

Montana Momma said...

First THANK YOU for running a great site and blog. I have learned a ton from you since I started cloth diapering.

I would like to see some info on cloth wipes... what kind of solutions to use, how much goes in, how much water, how long it will keep in a warmer, can you store extra solution, etc.

Some info on swim diapers would be great too. I'm not sure how they work. Do the go over a regular diaper or are they used alone?

And even though I love my Bum Genius dipes, I keep finding myself ordering other kinds, and trying different brands/fits, so maybe some sample packs available on the site?? Both for diapers or wipes would be great.

Thanks again for all of your work, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!

Senior Family said...

1. What kind of articles/topics would you like to see on future posts?
Maybe something on potty training and cloth trainers
2. Any suggestions on how we can make the blog better? (link suggestions, layout, communications)
i am not sure , i love the colors though :)

3. What new product(s) would you like to see us carry?
not sure what is new out their you seem to carry all my faves : HH , FB , BG , WAHMIES .. are you gonna carry the FB OS ??

4. Any service(s) we can provide on the blog and/or our stores?
none that i can think of that you do not already do

5. Any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated!

i love this blog and i was reading some of the other comments and would have to agree with them on subjects .. wipes .. travel etc :)

Rachel said...

I enjoy the fact that you frequently update your blog. I have a link on my blog to yours and it's great to have something new to read on a regular basis.

You could have guest bloggers--I'm an avid blogger who could contribute. A good way to increase readership too!

Senior Family said...

another topic :
Night Diapering in cloth :)

Denise said...

I LOVE your blog & especially like that I can count on something new from you just about every day!

I would really appreciate an article about organizing a changing station & just love reading about how the different manufacturers got started. I think the article your husband wrote was my absolute favorite, so I'd LOVE to see more from him.

I'm always looking for bargains, so as far as your stores, I think it would be great if you had some basic bargain packages.

Katie said...

I like the product reviews a lot - and hearing what works/doesn't work for people... I love the giveaways too, because it gives me a chance to look into other products.

The McKitterick Family said...

I just wanted to comment on Cecile's post about looking for tips on changing area organization. I am sure that many people could give you a lot of suggestions, but what has worked great for me is: I have a changing table with 2 shelfs, the top shelf doesn't have a lot of room, but I still take advantage of it; I measured the areas with a tape measure and bought some plastic storage containers that would fit in those area's (clear totes) (w/ lids so that my 18 month old daughter doesn't play with anything that I already have folded). I have on the top shelf 2 smaller storage containers and one larger (longer) container too. I store wipes, disposables (when I need to use a cream) and that type of stuff on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf I have more room, I have a fairly large plastic storage container that I store my cloth diapers in (I have the BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers), after I wash the diapers, I put the diapers together (putting the inserts into each diaper and folding them for convenience so that I have them ready when I need them), all of my diapers fit into this one plastic container. My night time/newborn inserts I have in a seperate storage container (2 smaller storage containers also on the bottom shelf). This is basically what I do and I find that it works great for me. I hope that this helps!


Serena said...

WOW - these are some AMAZING ideas everyone! This blog is already awesome and the best is yet to come!

Products I would like to see you carry - a bit more variety of training pants/nighttime cloth options for older kids would be great... I exclusively order all my CD items from you but I did have to buy my DD training pants from another site because you didn't have what I was looking for! *sorry*

I truly LOVE KC and the blog... I even have the site bookmarked on my toolbar so I'm only one click away from accessing your site and blog! =)

Catelynn said...

I have just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading the blogs. I like the suggestion about traveling with CD's. I also liked the idea about people writing in with questions. I just started CDing and I still have some questions about the abbrevations and how everything works.

Catelynn said...

I agree with the travel tips and asking questions comments. I am new to CDing and I still have a lot of questions. I would love to be able to ask them. Also, I would love to see a place with all the abbrevations listed with what they are. I have a hard time figuring out what people are talking about.

TheHalsellFamily said...

I need to know more about diaper rash & Fuzzi Bunz. My baby girl is developing a rash - I don't want to have to switch to a disposable until her rash goes away, but I'm scared that the rash creams will ruin the pocket diaper.

Angela Sundara...etc said...

Maybe bi-weekly reminders such as "did you run your CD's through a load of Oxyclean this week?"

A day in the life of Kelly's Closet- a photo tour.

Various CD habits? Like storing, using, pailing, and washing? For example: I stuff my pocket diapers while folding laundry, then store them in baskets under my changing table. After they're used I stick them in a 5gal bucket. etc

Customer features: five oldest customers (and where are they now), five newest customers and how are they doing now?) Pictures of how grandma used to diaper and draw a comparison.

Day to Day Tripper said...

I would like more information about products one can use on older children for night time heavy wetting. It's harad to find diapers that will fit and not leak.

Angela said...

I am going on a trip and for 9 days and am still trying to figure out if I should keep CDing or just use sposies. We are staying at some ones house and it includes a plane trip.

About the cloth wipes in the warmer... it is the best. I love it and it is so easy. I made my cloth wipes by sewing two pieces of flannel together and I fold them in half and put about a dozen in the warmer keep it about half full with water and the a piece of wipes solution, the solid type. So easy and my daughter like the warm wipes much better then the cold ones. I think she jumps a mile when I use them cold, when we are out and about.

Angela said...

I just wanted to comment about the tainers... I got these for my daughter and they worked great. Bumwear Pull-Up Training Pant, they are like a pocket so you can stuff them with more or less. They work great and my daughter liked them way better then pull-ups, she said they were her soft underwear. Never had a leak with them either.

Angela said...

One other suggestion would be to show other blogs that have articles about Cding. I have written about it on my blog and it would be interesting what others have wrote about.

Jess said...

I LOVE your blog & really like the info (& time) you take to put out here (esp the most recent hard water post cause man is utah horrible!) def creams that are good on cloth my lil one is starting to get a rash (the only thing I have done different is start using BG bum spray :( so annoying!)

I would like it if you carried trainers for bigger kids (like my 5yr old who still wets the bed)& more wool ;)
Im sure I can think of more but its late & my brain isn't working very well

brietta said...

I love the product reviews. I have limited $$ to spend on diapers (don't we all?!?!), so I really have to make each of my purchases count. It's nice to read a professional's review on various diapers!

I would really love a very thorough detergent review. Maybe including how to travel w/ diapers and wash them on the road. For example, I would love to bring my diapers when I go to my in-laws, but I get nervous about washing them there since they use "unsafe" detergents (even if I use my own, I worry about cross-contamination, if that makes sense).

I'm also wondering what you think of Bum-Ware AIOs (BWX)? I'd heard they are a very trim AIO. I love my fuzzi bunz, but when I switch my 15mo daughter from smalls to the mediums I have, I'll have to buy a few more diapers to round out my stash (I only have 10 mediums). I've been planning on buying more fuzzi bunz, but now I'm wondering if I should get a few AIOs like the BWX instead.

LOVE your blog. It's so nice to have a resource like this!

Kelly Wels said...

Hi Everyone!
Wow! I am SO excited to all of your feedback. Anelys is going to compile a master list of all your suggestions and Anelys,Serena,& I will be coming up with a plan to address them all.
On the horizon- definately will be adding more trainers to the site. We have a TON of product coming within the next 2 weeks (some being trainers). If you have any particular brands in mind please let me know.

The McKitterick Family said...

I am also curious about traveling and cloth diapers, I travel often and think that it would be almost impossible to do cloth diapering while traveling (mainly when flying, having to wash them while away, store them, and travel with them).

I would like to know more about BPA and BPA free items, why it is important to switch to BPA free items.

I would also like to know more about disposable diapers and what is all in them that make them so bad, why does it take them so long to decompose, could they really cause cancer (what cancer causing agents are in them)?

Leigh Anne said...

I was going to say the same as the first commenter [maybe if lots of us do, the topic will get covered =)]...anyway. we fly a lot so info on CDing while travelling would be great...i'm sick of using 'sposies for that...

oh, and i became a fan on FB! Woot!

Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben said...

I agree that an article about detergents would be really nice. There are so many different opinions out there about what works for each type of diaper. As for suggestions, maybe a forum or chat area of the blog for Q and A etc.

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

When do you expect to get the Tea~Tree/Lavender Free version of the Northern Essence? How is it better for babies with sensitive bottoms?

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

I would love to see an article on diaper rashes.

Serena said...

To: TheHalsellFamily

I may be able to answer a few immediate rash questions to help you in the meantime until we can get a post up about cloth diapers and rashes. I would hate for your baby to have to endure a rash unnecessarily!