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Monday, January 26, 2009

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Product Focus: Kissaluvs

Once upon a time, there was a dining room.
The room was in a house in Houston, Texas. At a table in the dining room, a family often ate wonderful meals. Something else wonderful happened at that table, too. When no one was around, a mom sewed diapers for her little baby girl. The baby girl was named Kissa. Kissa’s mother loved her a heartful. She wanted her little girl’s soft bottom to be cradled in the finest diapers on the planet. So she made the diapers herself with special fabric and with extra love. She named the diapers “Kissaluvs” because each one wrapped her darling daughter in the most comfortable diaper anywhere. Kissa’s mother made pink and green and blue diapers. As her little girl grew, she made bigger diapers with strong plastic snaps that Kissa couldn’t undo. When they were wet or dirty, she tossed them into the washer. She used them again and again. Kissa loved her soft cloth diapers! There were no sharp pins to stick her. She never got a diaper rash. She wore them day and night.

PhotobucketSoon, all the moms who saw Kissa’s diapers wanted them for their children. And they said, “These are cute and soft and easy to use. We will tell all our friends!” And they did. Kissa’s mother asked a few moms who were very good at sewing to help her make the special diapers. They made diapers every day. And the small business grew and grew. One day a mommy named Tashi discovered Kissaluvs. She knew they were the best cloth diapers in the world. She knew that mommies liked to save money. She thought that children all over the world should have them. So Tashi worked on making that happen and Kissa’s mom handed over the reins to her.

Tashi had lots of big ideas. She would find ways to make lots more diapers. She could play cheerful music while the moms sewed. She could give them a big sunny place to work. After lunch, they could go home to be with their own children. And that is what she did. Soon mothers all over America and in Spain and Scotland and France and Finland, too, wanted these wonderful diapers. All of the helpers worked hard to make Kissaluvs. Tashi looked carefully at every single diaper to be sure it was perfect. After all, the children who would wear them were just as precious as her own little babies. Tashi sold Kissaluvs to stores around the world. Moms and dads bought them and washed them and snapped them snugly on their little ones. The babies were comfy and beautiful and handsome, too. Moms and dads saved lots of money. There were no trash bags filled with dirty diapers to pollute the environment. Everyone was happy!

Tashi was happy, too, but she still kept thinking of ways to make the diapers even better. One idea was to make diapers of organic cotton and hemp, which make Kissaluvs even more absorbent, longer lasting and better fitting. Tashi also started making organic knit wipes for gently washing babies. And a Lotion Potion diaper spray that’s fragrant like the great outdoors and makes changing babies more fun.

Every day, Tashi thinks about loving babies, helping families and respecting Mother Earth. So she’ll probably never stop having new ideas. Yea for her! Tashi lives in Houston, Texas and is the mother of two young boys. Kissaluvs are made two miles from her home. Growing up in India, Tashi learned that recycling saves money and is good for the earth. And that’s still the philosophy she Kissaluvs runs on!

Kissaluvs products:
The number one goal for Kissaluvs is consistent quality. Kissaluvs' designs are tested and proven. Their production crew is experienced and the products are closely inspected before shipping. Their standards are high. Made from either super cushy cotton fleece or a mix of Organic cotton and naturally durable and anti-bacterial Hemp, their diapers take green and sustainability seriously.

Why choose Kissa's? Because of their…
*Superb fabric that brings the goodness of organic cotton and the durability of Hemp fibers
*Super trim design that is still very absorbent
*Elasticized leg and back openings
*Sturdy plastic snap closures- easy for parents, not-so-easy for curious toddlers!
*Overlapping wings that ensure a good fit for skinny and chubby babies alike

PhotobucketKissa's Fitted Cotton Fleece Diaper : With Kissa’s Fitted Cloth Diapers, pins are a thing of the past. Three easy-fasten snaps adjust to fit babies of all sizes. Extra-soft cotton fleece keeps the baby comfortable and gentle elastic around the waist and leg ensure leak protection – something the whole family is sure to appreciate. One of the few- if not the only diaper- that will fit a 5lb baby in Size0. Newborn size comes with a useful umbilical snap down that helps keep the cord dry during the initial days.

PhotobucketKissa's Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper: Quite possibly the highest-quality "nappies" on earth, Kissa’s Organic Fitted Diapers share the same features of their Fitted Diapers, with the addition of an intelligent snap-in soaker which snaps at two points and doesn’t crumple up inside the diaper like other diapers. Organic cotton and natural hemp make the diapers ultra-absorbent, anti-bacterial and super-soft. Mother Earth approved!

PhotobucketKissa's Contour Cloth Diaper: Designed to snuggle babies big and small, Kissa's Contour Cloth diapers are easy-to-use and provide an economical alternatives to fitted diapers. To adjust the rise, simply fold down or tuck in the front. Add a good diaper Cover. And count on the sewn-in, quick-dry doubler.

Kissa's Booster Doublers: Make any diaper even more absorbent with a Kissa's Booster. One layer of unblePhotobucketached knit terry is stitched to a layer of soft cotton fleece and tapered for a comfortable fit. Fits most newborn diapers, including our Size 0.

Kissa's Super Soaker Doublers: Diaper doubler royalty ... thick, absorbent, soft. They feature two layers of unbleached knit terry and a layer of cotton fleece, for twice the absorbency of our Boosters. Tapered, cozy and ideal for our size 1 and 2 diapers.


Kissa's Awesome Knit Terry Wipes:
Thicker than flannel wipes, but lighter than regular washcloths, the unbleached Knit Terry Wipes are affordable and convenient. Fold them in half to fit standard-sized wipe containers. The looped terry side tackles nasty messes, while the smooth side is ready for quick clean-ups. Even use them as boosters or doublers for newborns.

PhotobucketKissa's Soft Organic Wipes: Made from certified organic cotton and natural Hemp, these new Wipes from Kissaluvs are softer, super absorbent and anti-bacterial. Use as: Wash cloths; Burp cloths; tuck at neck for an instant bib; excellent as travelling towels; use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and almost anything else you can think of!

PhotobucketKissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray & Concentrate: Soothe minor rashes and moisturize baby's bottom with Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. Just spray on; no messy creams or ointments. The all-natural formula also refreshes diaper pails and musty rooms. Mom and dad can also use it as a bug-bite spray, face hydrator and after-shave mist.

PhotobucketSoothing Baby Organic Cotton Burpy: The absorbent, versatile Burpy is big enough to catch all drools and spills, and it can double as a lap cloth for mom! Baby feels only soft, 100% certified organic, super-soft American cotton. Free of chemicals, dyes and superfluous trim. Machine washable. Kissaluvs donates 50% of their profit from the Soothing Baby Organic line to Save The Children charity which works with underprivileged children around the world.

PhotobucketSoothing Baby Organic Cotton Blanket: Wrap up baby as Mother Nature intended – pure and simple. The lightweight Soothing Baby Blanket is handmade in the U.S.A. of 100% Certified Organic American Cotton. Free of chemicals, dyes and superfluous trim. Machine washable. As cozy as baby can be! Kissaluvs donates 50% of their profit from the Soothing Baby Organic line to Save The Children charity which works with underprivileged children around the world.

To learn more about Kissaluvs or their existing and upcoming products visit or call 1-866-KISSALUVS.


erinsmomma said...

I love how Kissaluvs got their name. So cute! I use the Lotion Potion and just love it. It smells so good and my daughter loves to play with the bottle while I change her. So even pretends to spray it on herself!

Katrina said...

I don't own any Kissaluvs fitted diapers, but I've heard great things about them - esp the size 0 for newborns. I would love to add a few to my stash just to try them out. Thanks for the background on them - it's always fun to read about the mom's who developed the diapers.

Angela said...

I have a few of these products and they are great. They were some of the first diapers I ventured from after starting with flats. I always love to hear the story behind them:)

one day in the life of me said...

We used the contours for a little while. They are a great product!

I'd like to try the snaps.

Thanks for this great post. I love getting to know the people behind the diapers.

Maggie said...

Oh, these sound wonderful! I'm pregnant with my second and cloth diapering for the first time. I'm going to have to buy some of these products. Thanks for featuring them.

brietta said...

I don't think my comment on here went through (I was having problems with my connection!).

I've heard terrific things about the fitted size 0s for newborns. If/when we have more babies, I want to have at least a few of these in my stash for containing those newborn explosions! :)

I LOVE the Kissaluv wipes. They are the perfect combination of rough/soft and the size is so convenient for storing in regular wipes containers. When I first switched to cloth wipes and got some of these, I couldn't believe that only one could take care of BIG messes!

kellyn2girls1boy said...

I was glad to read more about the diapers that I put on my son everyday.

Amanda said...

What a great story! I love hearing the history behind products. I would love to eventually try this brand out. (Perhaps if DH gets this new job he recently interviewed for.) :) My friend uses the lotion potion and she loves it. I'm going to try it after I'm done using up the other brand I have on hand.

Amanda said...

Question for those who have tried both snap closures (Kissaluvs)& hook & loop closures (Bum Genius):

Do you prefer one closure style over the other and if so why?

Sara in Seattle said...

Kissaluvs were the first diaper we used (the size 0s for our newborn) and were what cemented our love for cloth diapers. We loved the fold-down section in front for the umbilical cord, and the easy-to-care-for aspect of these (it's nice not to have to worry about aplix).

Dani said...

It's interesting how so many of these companies started out as simply making products for their own child. It takes so much dedication and talent to be a WAHM, kudos to all of you!

Kelly said...

Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds are already on my list for next time I have a I just need to be pregnant! I love this story! This is just one of the many reasons I love cloth diapers...the love that goes into making the diapers. Betcha won't hear a story like this from pampers!

Denise said...

I LOVE Kissaluvs!! I'm so excited to see that they are coming out with a one size. Do you know when you will have it in stock at Kelly's Closet for purchase?

Amanda...these require a cover, but I really prefer the snaps because they are much more difficult for my toddler to take off by herself...the style of the fitted will also be helpful to use as a training pant during potty training for us...very thick & absorbent.

The McKitterick Family said...

I would love to try these out on my newborn in August when she/he is born! They sound great. I don't have any newborn size diapers, so I just may have to get some of these.

I like learning about different diapers, how they came about, and how they got their names. That is so cute how Kissaluvs got its name.

Cecile said...

I love the story! I have heard about Kissaluvs diapers, but I've never tried them myself.

Angela Sundara... etc said...

Who wrote that top biography? O love it! I'm serious, who wrote it?

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

I have never tried Kissaluvs but hope that I can soon (maybe I will even win them!)

Erika said...

I've heard rave reviews about Kissaluvs!! After my baby shower I'll be stocking up on some (if I don't get any).

It's neat to hear how they came to be. Thanks for sharing!

MommyCat said...

I really want to try these out on my newborn. Well, as soon as I have a newborn,lol. Should be any day now! I've heard such good things about them and I loved learning how the company got it's start and name.

EdenSky said...

I have a question for anyone who has used the kissaluvs fitteds.I have only tried the contour kissaluvs and while they are economical, they stop being soft really fast and they take longer to dry than anything else in my stash including AIO's and bamboo night-time diapers. Are the fitteds the same? If I ever had another baby I would probably buy some newborn kissaluvs, everyone says they're great for tiny babies.

Kelly said...

I am waiting for some of the size 0 (newborn) Kissaluvs to come in the mail, as I read some good things about them last week and wanted to get a couple fitteds to try with our newborn (due to be born in less than 2 weeks). I'll buy lots more if it works for us! Thanks for the background info on this product - especially about the origins of the "kissaluvs" name (I often wonder how different companies name their brands of diapers).

the momma said...

What a sweet story! I'd love to try the contour diaper and lotion potion. I do use the wipes, and they are great!

Kelly said...

I too love to see the story behind the diapers. And amazed that moms have so much talent to invent a diaper for their little ones when we know how much time it takes just to care for them let alone develop a new product line.

Thanks for sharing.

Birrd said...

I love my kissaluvs, so I loved reading this!

Serena said...

AMANDA: I started out with hook & loop diapers because so many people advised me that snaps were too hard to fiddle with...

However, after purchasing a few snap diapers I was amazed at how simple they were! They really didn't take all that much longer to snap that using a velcro closure.

The best part about snaps is they don't age like their velcro counterparts do. The velcro on my BG's, although only used occasionally, have already started to age! I'm the kind of person who likes to keep my stuff looking as new as possible for a long time - and I just don't see that happening with the hook and loop.

So, I started investing is some Blueberry One-Size diapers with snaps - and I love them!


As for Kissaluvs - I'm hoping to add a few fitteds to my stash in the near future... I've excellent things about them, especially for newborns and even premie babies! I'd love to try them out for myself!

Jennifer and Jason said...

I really want to try Kissaluvs. I think the lotion potion would be great to try.

Denise said...

EdenSky...I have the contours & fitted Kissaluvs and have been using them almost daily for 6 months. I have not had a problem with them losing their softness or not drying as fast as my other diapers. My bamboo diapers are the ones that take the longest to dry. I do find that the contours are very susceptible to holding onto detergent, so I add vinegar to my final rinse to make sure all the soap is out. I also make sure the contours aren't all bunched up when I put them in the dryer, the soaker in the middle is sometimes a little damp when they come out of the dyer, but laying them out flat for a few minutes before folding & putting away seems to take care of that.

Meghan T. said...

I haven't tried Kissaluv's yet but I have always liked the way they look. They are adorable! I'm glad they are coming out with a one size diaper.
Thanks for featuring them on the blog. Knowing how they got started makes me want to try them even more!

mikoto127 said...

Such a neat story! I love hearing the background behind the different diap's!

JustForMommy said...

I absolutely love kissaluvs fitteds. They're soft and wash clean pretty easily. I have a few and can't wait to buy more!

Liza said...

I love KL! I am hoping to get some KL0s for the baby due in Sept and we use some of their contours of my 10mo old son :)