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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Super Organized Busy Mom

PhotobucketI started cloth diapering in November 2008 on my daughter Madysen, our first, who is now a very spunky 18 month old. At first I wasn't very organized, but I realized very quickly that in order for my husband and myself to enjoy cloth diapering and to stick with it through the other children that we would like to have (I am currently due with our second child on August 26!), I knew that I needed to figure out some way that would work perfectly for my life and the set up of my daughters room.

I am a stay at home mommy who is running a work from home all natural health & wellness business. Keeping up with my home, life, our activities, and very active daughter can be a huge challenge for me some days. So one day early on in my cloth diapering experiences I decided I needed to get my cloth diaper stash organized!

My daughters room isn't very large, so I needed to work with the space that I have. I also needed to make sure that it be easy access for me while my daughter is on her changing table, I didn't want it to be unsafe for my daughter while I was grabbing for the diapers.

Here is what I did:

I measured the two open spaces of shelving on my daughters changing table. I took my measuring tape with me and went searching for the perfect sizes of plastic storage containers that would fit perfectly in the shelving of the changing table. I had some challenges, the first set that I bought was too tall, I must had measured wrong, it just wasn't going to fit. So I re-measured this time putting into account that there was a little lip of wood hanging down on the front drawer of the changing table that I didn't measure the first time. I finally found the perfect plastic containers. I had purchased 6 of the cheapest containers that I could find in the sizes that I needed. All with lids so that my daughter wouldn't get into them and unfold everything!

The largest container for the bottom self with more room was the 50 Quart container (approx. 25" L x 15" W x 10" H), this is where I store all of my clean cloth diapers. After I wash my bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diapers with Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder (all purchased from Kelly's Closet), I put the one size microfiber insert into the diapers and fold them in half and start stacking them in the container. I can fit 3 stacks into the container and a few in between the stacks. I have approximately 35 of these diapers, but usually not all of them are clean at once, so I can fit all of my clean diapers into the one container. At one time I probably can fit at least 25+ cloth diapers in this size of a container. I like to be prepared and have the inserts already in the diapers when I need them too!

I also bought one 28 Quart container (approx. 22" L x 15" W x 5 1/2" H) for the top shelf which isn't very high, so I was very limited with that shelf. Also, for both the top and bottom shelves I got four 6 Quart containers (approx. 13" L x 7 1/2" W x 4" H), two of those for the top shelf and two for the bottom shelf. Two of the 6 Quart small containers fit all of my newborn inserts that came with the diapers, which I use at night for Madysen's night time diapers. The other 2 small containers and one 28 Quart container I use for miscellaneous items such as disposable diapers for when I need to use a rash cream or for going on extended trips (3+ days), also for my wipes, extra pail liner/laundry bags, diaper liners, and so forth.

On the right side of my changing table I still have my Diaper Champ, since I still use disposable wipes that is where I store any disposable garbage. On the other side I have a 53 Quart waste basket with a lid. I use that with a Swaddlebees/Blueberry Pail Liner/ Laundry Bag for storage of the dirty cloth diapers. I have two of the Swaddlebees/Blueberry Pail Liner/ Laundry Bags so that I have a replacement when one is in the wash.

For organization when I go out with my daughter for a day I like to store a few cloth diapers in the diaper bag or in my purse and I also bring along one of my two Planet Wise Wet Bags. I have one medium Planet Wise Wet Bag and one large for depending on how long I will be out with Madysen.

I have a lot of the cloth diapering accessories from Kelly's Closet, I do everything for my convenience when it comes to cloth diapering so that I won't ever get burnt out or frustrated. Not many of us mom's have extra time on our hands and I just love that Kelly's Closet works so hard for great customer service, product availability, awesome prize giveaways, a blog to keep us all connected and happy!

A Kelly's Closet fan & customer,

By: Kelly M.


the momma said...

That is some serious organization! I too love Kelly's Closet! The customer service is unbeatable! When I received our first order, I emailed with a couple of washing/ prepping questions. Kelly responded quickly and thoroughly... answering my first, second, and third emails all within minutes of when I sent them! The fabulous service and wonderful weekly coupons have made me a faithful Kelly's Closet shopper!

Jess said...

Wow you go girl!

Angela said...

Good idea having lids on the containers. hehe, keeps little hands out of there: )

brietta said...

I totally agree that you really have to find a cloth diapering system that works EASILY so you don't get burnt out. Once you do, it's so much simpler than disposables could ever be (no more midnight runs for diapers because you've run out-- woot!). Good for you finding that system!

And congrats on baby #2!

Katrina said...

Sounds like you're a busy momma! It looks like you've found a great system for storing your stash and misc items without taking up much room in your daughters room. For being somewhat of a newbie at cloth diapering, you have a beautiful stash. Bum Genius diapers rock! Oh, and congrats on baby #2. :)

erinsmomma said...

I love your organizational skills! I really like your reasoning for using bins with lids. I was thinking that lids would make them inconvenient, but I never thought about my toddler taking everything out of the bins. And I know that she would, because she loves to take the extra disposable wipes packages off the shelf and put them back!

Katie said...

That looks great!! I like the bins.

I have to ask . . . does anyone else have their diapers in a main part of the house, or is it just me?

The McKitterick Family said...

Yes, my daughter gets into everything, so I couldn't use the wicker baskets that I started out with! I definately had to change my storage of cloth with them being so easy access to her, and I assume that when the second one comes that she/he will be the same way. It actually isn't hard at all with the lids on the containers. I usually have 1-2 cloth diapers sitting on the side of the changing table to use anyways or grab one before I get my daughter onto the changing table.

-Kelly M.

Maggie said...

This looks like a really good system and seems quite doable. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dani said...

I may have to borrow some of your ideas - my son has started to open his dresser drawers and pull out his CD's, containers with lids would solve that problem.

calabaza said...

After seeing all these photos I went home and organized my stash!

Matt, Sara and Kinsley :) said...

I am really enjoying reading about the ins and outs of how everyone cloth diapers.

Liza said...

I love your set up! It's very similar to mine. Also, your daughter is a doll!!

Sara in Seattle said...

I love organization and have to admit all these pictures sort of thrill me! They're inspiring me to attack my closets next :)

Amanda said...

Looooove it! This week has been the most fun blog reading week ever! Your organization is great.

I still have the diaper champ sitting next to the changing table but it's not in use. It just sits there. I took it away to store it but, it looked really weird w/that empty, there it sits. Not sure what to use it for. LOL

I thought about containers w/ lids because my DD went through a basket (and cabinet, and book shelf & dvd shelf) ransacking phase. I took pics and put them on my facebook page and titled it "Hurricane Mikaela" lol. Actually...the lids would make it more appealing for my daughter...she figured out how to get just about any lid off unless it a screw-on cap. But she loves to lift lids and hide toys in the her laundry basket. She did that w/ my keys one day...took me all day to figure out where she hid them.

But through persistence I have taught her not to ransack the baskets in her room and now she leaves them alone.

AC said...

Thanks SO much for the tips on organizing & caring for your cloth diapers...I am due with baby #2 in about a month and we are making the switch to cloth for her. So this whole world is new to me and I need all the advice & help I can get! We are getting ready to order our first supply of cloth diapers (I think we're going with the bumGenius 3.0 one-size diapers) and I have been wondering how to organize it all. Also, great (and detailed) pictures!!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

As we cant have answers in the giveaway, but didnt want to "ignore" this.. Here it is... Im letting you both now that it is posted here.......

Cristy posted this on the giveaway: "my storage of my diapers is pretty horrible i usually just stuff them all in a big drawer or the couch and stuff them as i need then and its so time consuming i really love it when i am in a motivated mood and stuff them before i put them away its so nice to just grab one ready to go!!"

Amanda post this comment for her: "Cristy...a great way to get all your pockets stuffed in one round is to turn on a show that you like, grab a cup of coffee (or beverage or your choice) and sit on the coush and stuff them all. Watching a favorite show makes the time go by fast and you will be done stuffing before you know it."

calabaza said...

That would be me that went home and organized. I should take a picture because I kept on pulling my husband in to look. He was running out of nice comments! "yeah, looks good" "You showed me" and "nice job" only last so long and his interested waned. The bad thing about color-organizing is that now I realize I have some color gaps. Oh no!

Serena said...

Kelly - Great post! You and I are a very similar organizational wavelength... the bins with lids is a great suggestion! Thankfully we have an enormous playroom where our daughters have learned to confine their disasters! hehe

Amanda- LOL @ the hurricane phase. My daughters have a variety of nicknames, but I oftentimes find myself referring to them each as Hurricane Aaliyah and Hurricane Halimah... perhaps I can try submitting those names to the National Hurricane Center. Seriously, in less than 5 minutes those two can literally destroy an entirely well cleaned/organized playroom! It's truly a sight!

Of course, they're responsible for cleaning it up (albeit they whine and whine and whine - but they clean it up)!

Kelly Wels said...

Wow! You are very organized. Kelly-the lids are a great idea. My older 2 are 11 and 8 so thankfully I don't have to worry about little hands...yet.
I really enjoyed reading your post and so glad you are our fan! We couldn't do it without great customers like you.

Carol said...

Thanks for the great tips on organization. I like the idea of the bins with lids.

Kelly said...

In response to Katie's comment, question, "does anyone else have their diapers in a main part of the house, or is it just me?"

I actually keep diapers in BOTH the new baby's room (new baby due a week from tomorrow) and in our family room.

The baby's room is upstairs and has the changing table and the majority of diapers (all our night diapers), wipes, diaper pail, etc.

My older unpotty trained (work-in-progress) toddler is still using diapers and we spend lots of time in the family room where all the toys are located. So I have a storage ottoman in our family room where I keep my toddler's diapers, training pants, a few baby diapers (not in use yet), wipes, a changing pad, and wipes solution). I also have a medium size wet bag hanging on the door to our basement for used diapers that I change in the family room.

This saves me from having to go up and down the stairs to change diapers. Also, I can just grab the wet bag of family room dirty diapers from the basement door on my way down to wash the diapers from the upstairs diaper pail, since my washer/dryer are located in my basement.

Not only has this helped me (having diapers available in a couple of places), but it's made the transition to cloth diapers easier for my husband who isn't fond of running around our home looking for diapers. (Plus, the storage ottoman is a great place to hide extra toys in addition to diapers and can serve as an extra place to sit!)

Just wanted to share! :)

Kelly said...

The lids definitely make things look much more clean. I guess I haven't really had the "little hands" issue as of yet but will definitely have to keep them in mind for when the time comes.

And I am glad that you commented on the fact that you keep a couple of dipaers out on the table so you don't have to go opening lids and grabbing things while your little one is on the table. that would be my biggest issue with lids I think.

Jennifer and Jason said...

Looks great! It's true kellys closet is the best.

The McKitterick Family said...

My daughters room is on the main floor of our house, where we spend most of our time, so all of our diapers are in her room. We don't use the down stairs as often, so only having diapers in one spot has been just fine for us. But I can see where some of the people with diapers in more than one location would need to do that. That is a good idea for people who spend equal or more of there time on a different level of the house than where babies room is!

Erika said...

Thanks for sharing your system!! Seems like you have a very efficient system :)