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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Just LOVE!

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I love cloth diapering. I never in a million years would have thought I would use cloth diapers. I started when my daughter was three months old (she will be 1 on March 25 - sob!). I haven't looked back since. A couple times I have used disposables (a day at the fair, a funeral) and every time I deal with a disposable, I am so glad I don''t use them on a regular basis. And I think I will never use them again, regardless of the circumstances.

Anyway, I love your blog. Every morning when I read it, it just re-affirms that I am not crazy, that I am doing the smartest thing financially, environmentally, etc. Because as much as I like cloth diapering, there are times that I do get thinking why did I decide to be "not normal" and use cloth. And then I log on and see that this is the new normal, but even if it wasn''t, I am reassured that I am doing the right thing. Who would have thought diapering my babies bum would cause such deep thinking!?!?

Now I can spot a cloth diapered bum from miles away and I love that I am the "cool kid" in my MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers). When people find out I use cloth, I think they first think I must be some kind of neo-hippie (which maybe I am a little) but then they are intrigued.

Just wanted to say keep up the good work! I can't wait for the economy to turn around so I can start buying more diapers. More likely though, I will just work it into the monthly budget.

- Kelly G.


Amanda said...

Awwww....what a cutie! I love how her doll was wearing one. We put one on our DD's Curious George...he goes everywhere w/ her. It's SO cute!

When we went cloth we never looked back either. I don't think I would ever use a sposie again unless we went somewhere for an extended time w/ out access to a washing facility or if we get hit by a hurricane (joys of FL) and we were w/out power...but, hopefully that won't be happening.

Katrina said...

I think it's great how all of us cloth diapering moms seem to band together. We need a MOFB (Moms of Fluffy Bums) group! Only those of us who cloth diaper truly understand this addiction to fluff.

Love the picture of your daughter diapering her stuffed animal...too cute!

Angela said...

I got the same reaction from a group of ladies from my MOPS group. I have given up all sposie... I have a bag of them that I keep in my car incase of emergency and I think I have only use one out of there. I leave town and now bring my cloth with me.

Amy said...

I share your feelings about being "the weird mom"! Everyone thinks I'm nuts except for my older coworkers who CDed their children. They think it's great & remark how much easier it is to use them now (I showed off my BGs to them back when I was considering switching).

Kelly said...

Thanks guys! My daughter's favorite activity is now emptying the diaper basket, so I decided to put one on Baby. She thought it was so funny. I now let her "pick out" which diaper she wants at changes. You can't do that with disposables!

Dani said...

Kelly - your daughter is adorable. I agree so much with your feelings on cloth! And I too love this blog, it makes feel like part of a like-minded community.

Cecile said...

I love the name MOFB, Moms of Fluffy Bums!

My mother-in-law thinks I'm a total nut for choosing to use cloth. She didn't have a choice back then, and she thinks sposies are the greatest invention. The only time I still use disposables is in the event of diarrhea, because I don't have enough CD to keep up with the laundry.

I love this blog for making me feel part of something!

one_lucky_mom said...

When we first started cloth I thought the cloth bum was a little much, but oh have I fallen in love with it since as well!

The McKitterick Family said...

Cute love of cloth diapers story. I love my MOPS group too! Everyone should check out their local MOPS groups.

I also enjoy this blog! I can't seem to stay away from it!

I never thought to let my daughter play with a cloth diaper on her baby doll. That is cute too.

Serena said...

You're definitely NORMAL!

It's funny how mindsets change over the course of a few generations; cloth diapering has gone from being the ONLY way to diaper a child to the being the alternative way (whether positive or negative).

Thankfully, now, cloth diapers have finished taking all the blows and are fighting back to be the IDEAL choice of diapering!

I LOVE the pictures - it's really great the CD community we have going here!

Cloth Diaper Mamas UNITE! =)

Katie said...

Some people thought I was a little strange too for using cloth. But, now I have had people ask me more about it because they want to start using cloth too!!

Kelly Wels said...

Kelly, thanks so much for this post. Your daughter is so cute holding her cd baby doll!

Liz said...

Thanks Kelly for sharing :) Your DD and I share a bday! I was at my MOPS group today and they were asking me how it was going and I said "great!". I do use sposies when I go to the y just because it is a lot easier for them (most ys dont change diapers, period). As it is, they think I am "a little out there" because I breastfed but that's another story :)

EmilynDev said...

Such a cute momma and baby! Its such a cute idea to let your little one pick which diaper to wear!

Sara in Seattle said...

I love that you're passing on the cloth diaper love to the next generation--what a cutie you have!

Aisha said...

The pic of your DD and the diapered doll is wayyyy cute. Gives me a great idea when mine gets older. How cute.

I used to be soooo nervous about using CDs on trips that I would only use disposies....But now, I've/we've got it covered (DH is used to changing DD in CDs)....Recently when we went out of town (without laundry facilities), I took both sposies and CDs. I used the CDs for the roadtrip and used the sposies while we were there. I couldn't wait to hit the road to get back home to do CD'n full time again.

melissad.williams said...

What a cute kid! I like turning people onto cloth too! It is so nice when you can show somebody that cloth isn't just flats and plastic pants anymore, and that it's not really that hard!