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Monday, November 9, 2009

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Product Focus: Mother-ease

Our Mission - Mother-ease is a socially responsible, green powered Canadian manufacturer committed to exceeding customer expectations with original designs, including natural and organic cloth diapers, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Green Power – the Mother-ease factory is powered solely by renewable resources. 80% hydro-electric and 20% wind power.

Erika Froese, designer and mother of 5, together with her partner/husband Rick have been manufacturing their own line of soft, convenient, leak free cloth diaper systems since 1990. We are leaders in the industry with established distribution networks in many countries. Our design features are evident in many of the diapers found today, however only Mother-ease offers the experience and reliability customers have come to depend on.

Our diapering systems consist of three components: a fitted cloth diaper available in one or two sizes, an absorbent liner for additional protection at night or whenever needed, and a breathable waterproof cover worn over the diaper. These products can be purchased individually or in packages that help simplify your purchasing decision.

Our diapers are available in a number of fabric choices. The original, very durable, stretchy cotton terry with the choice of unbleached, white and 7 vibrant colors. organic cotton and silky, soft bamboo. We offer a custom stay dry barrier fabric superior to anything available on the market and the only leak proof diaper cover fabric used to make our breathable diaper covers available in a variety of colors and our fun eco theme prints.

We offer a full line of accessories to help simplify cloth diapering.

Why choose Mother-ease? Simple - no leaking! Parents will not experience discouraging leaks common to most of the other diapering products available.


Attila & Tamara said...

These diapers look simply lovely. I really love that the factory is powered by renewable resources! Very cool!

eidolons said...

I bought some used Mother-ease diapers when my youngest was about five months old. The outsides were all threadbare, but the inserts still looked good. They were among our favorite diapers for daytime - now he's too big for them.

I was delighted when I learned that you can buy the diapers and inserts separately online. What a great way to increase their longevity!

Kelly said...

I love the eco-conciousness (is that a word?) of this company. I have never used fitteds and covers, but would like to try them. These look awesome!
Kudos to your green ideals!

nellakat said...

Hands down the single best diaper our family has used. We love love love Mother Ease!!!

Jenney said...

Are the waterproof pants pull on or do the have hook & loop/snaps?

idnar82 said...

I am so excited you are carrying these now! I LOVE my Motherease One size diapers and I just started using a Sandys for overnight and I LOVE it! I can't wait to buy more at some point :-)

Cloth Diaperer Extraordinaire said...

Jenney: The Mother-Ease waterproof cover have snaps at the waist and thigh. Here's a link to the product.

Kerri said...

I love our Mother-ease diapers! I'd love to add some of the colors to our stash!

Anonymous said...

I guess we all need to move to Canada...that's where all the eco-minded folks are...and they have great health care.

Crystal said...

I have a friend who used Mother Ease exclusively and she loves them! She said she wouldn't use any other diaper. I would love to try them out and experience what my friend is talking about!


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