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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Spotlight on Serena

Each week we'll be featuring one of Kelly's Closet's/ leading ladies. We've had the pleasure of working with them and we thought you'd enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the individuals who make it all possible.

Today we're featuring Serena.

Serena has been working at Kelly’s Closet since January 2009 and is a jack of all traits. She primarily handles customer service inquiries by responding to emails and calls. She also helps maintain blog content, scheduling and comments.

She is the resident “cloth diaper and laundry guru” and always makes an effort to answer any questions she can when it comes to laundering a cloth diaper.

Serena is married, has three children Aaliyah (5), Halimah (3) and Ilyas (1), and a nameless bunny. Here’s a bit more about Serena:

If you were a CD brand, what would you be and why? bumGenius - because I’d like to think of myself as a genius, and well, I’m a bit smart arse!

Do you cloth diaper your children: I am currently cloth diapering Ilyas. However, Halimah and Aaliyah both wear cloth diapers during the night time.

What are four words your mother would say describes you?
Does “pain-in-the-bum” count as four words? LOL! She says I’m bossy, [extremely] organized, generous, and helpful.

Favorite movie? It’s a three-way tie between the Wizard of Oz, Goonies, and 16 Candles.

Favorite book? I hate to admit this - but it’s Harry Potter.

One product you can’t live without? There are two: my Macbook Pro and iPhone.

Favorite guilty pleasure? We don’t have a TV - but every now and then when my husband isn’t home and the kids are sleeping, I like to go online and watch a little “TV.”

What is the best part about working for KC? Helping others learn more about cloth diapers and troubleshooting problems; especially when someone is ready to throw in the towel.

Tell me one thing you want everyone to know about you.
I’m a bit obsessive!

What inspires you? Learning. It’s wonderful to be able to learn something new every day - whether it’s a new fact, how to do something, or discovering something more about my children, hubby, or myself.


Megan said...

My sister who helped convert me to cloth diapering is now talking about "throwing in the towel"....maybe Serena could help her.

Brena said...

That's my guilty pleasure too! It was terrible to find out I didn't need my TV because it was all on the internet!

Circular Logic said...

I love that your favorite book is Harry Potter! When I was on my way to the hospital for my semi-emergency c-section, I grabbed a Harry Potter book so I'd have something to read!

I loved learning more about you! Thanks for your help when I was getting started with cloth diapers--it's going VERY well now!

Arizona Girl said...

I couldn't help but smile at your guilty pleasure. I too love to watch TV in those little moments. (That and eat icecream).

Anna said...

So nice to learn a little more about the person I occasionally e-mail. :)

Cloth Diaperer Extraordinaire said...

Hi Ladies!

I know I haven't commented on the blog in awhile... it's so funny to read about myself.

Megan - please please have your sister contact us - I'd be more than happy to help with any problems she might be having!

Oh - online "tv" and Harry are my two guilty pleasures. I even managed to get my mom hooked on HP - we've talked about the series at length many times. I wish it never ended - the books are such a GREAT read!!!

So, what's everyone's favorite shows? My favorites are Ugly Betty and Castle - two very different but very funny shows!

Shelly said...

OH, Harry is great! Don't be too hard on yourself, lol! And thanks for sharing. Once our little one arrives I'm sure I'll be asking questions, becasue I'm very determined to not give up on Cding!

Shelly said...

Oh, I really like NCIS... Shows are addictive:-)

Stefanie Farmer said...

Nice to learn a little more about you, Serena! Thanks for your constant great customer service.

I've never watched Castle but my mom keeps telling me it's great. Guess I need to tune in! :)

Crystal said...

It's great to hear more about you Serena! You've always been so helpful in answering my customer service questions. Thanks!
aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

Amanda said...


It's so funny that you started working for KC in January. That's the exact month I started following the blog. (I found KC in December through my Mothering Magazine...see advertising works!). I love this blog! And you are always SO helpful and sweet. And because of your blog, I'm a member of the RDA and will be a Circle Leader soon. It's all about spreading the fluffy love! Though I simply don't have the time to post and enter every contest as I used to, rest assured, I still faithfully keep up with my CDW reading. :)


Amanda said...

My favorite shows are Desperate Housewives, The Office (The only 2 shows my Hubby & I watch together) & then my guilty pleasures are Project Runway & Tabatha's Salon Takeover. I have been a huge Project Runway fan from the very beginning and now that I sew I love it even more. :)