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Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Dec 12th & 13th


Juana Soto said...

Hi I am new to CD and was on a budget so I decided to order the new Flip diapers and so far I am impressed. I felt uneasy about them at first with my newborn baby but so far so good. They hold really well and we have not had a single leak especially considering the runny poop Blowouts newborns may have. I feel very confident that these will last me til he is out of diapers. I am glad I invested in these and am glad they will be saving us a lot of money especially with our situation right now. My husband got laid off and with what he gets in UI benefits we would barely have enough for disposables.

the monkey's mama said...

I'm hoping to buy cloth diapers for my friends who are having babies at the beginning of the year. I love spreading the love and getting a discount from y'all every weekend is SO helpful! thank you!

Shelly said...

The Bumgenius Bamboo dipes are a GREAT deal! Nice trim fitting newborn dipe!