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Monday, April 5, 2010

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Bamboo Baby Product Focus

I am Crystal, distributor for Bamboo Baby. I have carried a variety of cloth diapers during my 9 years of business and was thrilled to find the Bamboo Baby line from Dri-Line. I love the absorbency and softness of bamboo, and unlike many other bamboo products, I really love that the diapers are made in North America.
The bamboo rayon and fleece are purchased through Green Textiles in the US and the bamboo fibers are Oeko-tex certified.

As with any product, there are stages of development and I find that the current Bamboo Baby all in one is fabulous! Dri-Line Ltd has been making incontinent products for hospitals and nursing home for over 20 years. They are a fair labor manufacturer and have really worked hard to produce quality products. They have made diaper service quality diapers for years and began branching into bamboo just a couple years ago. Yasmin, the owner on Dri-Line Ltd, prides her business on providing green alternatives and found it only made sense to provide the same quality in home-diapering systems too!

Why bamboo?

Here’s what Yasmin has to say:
When I was first introduced to bamboo fleece, I was impressed with the softness of the fabric, when I found that in addition to being deliciously soft and luxurious, bamboo fabric is also highly breathable, more absorbent than cotton(softer too), and naturally anti-bacterial. It seemed like the smart and natural fabric for cloth diapers.

In addition to being the perfect diaper fabric, bamboo is an environmentally
GOOD choice as well.

Why? Well, bamboo grows fast! It's a fast growing grass. Many species of
bamboo can grow 12-24 inches in just a day. Once cut, it is unnecessary to
replant bamboo, because it will grow a new shoot from the existing root
system. Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource. In addition, it doesn't
require the dangerous insecticides often used in cotton growth.

Unlike many other crops farmed bamboo stabilizes the earth using it's root
system, this prevents soil erosion. It produces 35% more oxygen than a
comparable stand of trees.

In addition to using a 'green', absorbent, soft and all round smart fabric
choice, the Bamboo Baby line also incorporates a clever design. With more than 25 years of experience in diaper manufacturing, Dri-Line have made
diapers that work and are easy to use without breaking the bank.

Bamboo Baby are manufactured in Canada by a well paid, trained and
knowledgeable work staff. North American made products leave a smaller carbon footprint when purchased in North America.


Sabrina said...

I like that the bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. I hate stinky diapers plus all the work to get the smell out.

Andrea said...

sounds like a great company. I'll definately check them out

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

I cannot get over all the awesome qualities of bamboo!! Who would have thought that it would contain so much goodness??

Rushie said...

I purchased one of these to try and I LOVED it!! I want to get more, they were very trim between the legs, more so then bum genius and they were very absorbent!

gnatalie said...

This is my favorite diaper too. I agree with Rushie because they are super trim and very absorbent.... plus soft. The only negative is that they often come loose from the laundry tabs during washing and end up gathering several inserts so we have the chain thing going on. BUT I love them so much that it is worth it.

Tricia said...

I haven't tried any bamboo products, but I think my next purchase will include one of these. I love that bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and a renewable resource!