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Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Cute Baby of the Cloth April

Man, you mamas have some cute kids! We had the tough decision to choose just one as our winner, but this month’s Cute Baby of the Cloth Photo Contest winners are Savannah and Maddie sporting their BFF t-shirts and Kangas from Kelly’s Closet! Thanks to moms, Ashley and Beth, who have been best friends since middle school and are now committed to seeing their daughters be BFFs too! This photo was taken at one of their monthly get-together. Even though the two families live in different states, they make an effort to get their girls together regularly and hope they’ll cloth diaper their own babies someday.

FROM ASHLEY: The baby on the left is my daughter Savannah, and the baby on the right is my best friend Beth's daughter, Maddie. Beth and I have been best friends since middle school, and we're hoping that our daughters will be best friends too! One thing we share is a love for cloth diapers, and this picture shows our daughters in their Baby Kangas that we bought from Kelly's Closet. The girls are also in matching shirts that say "Best Friends Forever". Beth and Maddie live in Birmingham, AL and Savannah and I live in Atlanta, GA. We try to meet halfway between the two cities once a month. This picture is of our daughters enjoying themselves at the rocking chairs in front of Cracker Barrel. We hope that they will be friends even when they are mothers themselves and rocking their own babies to sleep! And we hope they cloth diaper, too. :-)

We got so many submissions of Best Friends that we had to put together another video slideshow of our “other” favorites. Seeing the sweet relationships budding between babies and their pets, their grandparents, siblings, favorite toys and other babies was absolutely priceless.

In honor of our 9th birthday, the theme for next month’s contest is: “Nine.” Get creative with this one and interpret it in your own way. Submit photos to by Wednesday, April 21st.

Note: By submitting a photo for this contest, you consent that Kelly’s Closet and has the right to use the photo of your child and his or her first name in future newsletters.


Jill said...

so cute! We couldn't get our baby to pose, so hopefully we will figure out something with 9 to do for next month!

Liketohike said...

This is super cute--what a good idea to take their pic at Cracker Barrel! Congratulations to the winners.