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Thursday, May 27, 2010

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Meet May’s Spotlight MOM: Aisha

Name: Aisha (pronounced eye-sha)

Hometown: Durham, NC

Mom to: Hiba short for Hibatullah (gift from Allah/God)

Occupation: Publications Manager (manage a group of writers and editors and layout specialists)

Fav Cloth Diapers: I have three: BumGenius All-in-One (very daycare friendly), SoftBums (ditto, less laundry), and FuzziBunz (my go-to night diapers)

What is one cloth diapering tip you wish you had gotten at the very start?
Don’t worry about stains!

What is the one cloth diapering tip you would tell a new mom?
Get diaper liners…even with exclusively breastfed babies it helps! Liners are the best thing

How involved is dad in cloth diapering?
Very involved…I call him our cloth diaper ambassador. He tells everyone (coworkers, friends, family) about cloth diapers. He changes diapers and helps me stuff/prep them.

What went into your family history book as the funniest cloth diapering moment?
We’re still working on a funny one…most are of the gross kind.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
I’ve learned to calm down and just let things happen. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

What is your parenting style?
My goal is to raise a tomboy – ha! We are really trial-and-error, whatever-works parents. We're trying not to raise a primadonna, but rather someone who is balanced, enjoys being thrown in the air, twirling around till she gets dizzy, and willing to try something at least once (well in the case of food maybe 3 or more times).

If you had a free day to yourself, what would you spend it doing?
Sleep late, give myself a facial, and watch all the TV shows I have recorded.

What are your TOP 5 favorite websites?
Kelly’s Closet,, CraigsList, BBCNews

What is the cutest thing your baby does?
She gives me a hug and pats me on the back. I love that!

What’s your “go-to” dinner on a busy night?

Leftovers! (Curry for the men and veggie stir fry for me)


Alicia said...

We can't wait to get our diaper liners this week...thanks for the advice!

Anonymous said...

And I love that Hiba's outfit matches right down to the diaper!