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Sunday, June 6, 2010

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GroVia Heads to Hollywood!

With a new brand and a new look, GroVia visits the California Sunshine to Celebrate with Hollywood’s Hottest Celebrity Parents.

To kick start our recent rebrand, GroVia (previously known as Gro Baby) traveled west this May to celebrate with Hollywood’s top celebrity parents and parents-to-be. With the mission of educating parenting influencers on the benefits of cloth diapering, GroVia toted tons of product, prizes and vital knowledge to two great events in Los Angeles – the Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) Kick-Off Event on May 2nd, followed by the celebrity-filled Dog & Baby Buffet Mother’s Day Event on May 7th -8th.

GroVia brought the sunshine with them to the PAM Kick-Off Event held at TreePeople in the hills of Los Angeles. Creed opened the event with great music, top parenting influencers like Ricki Lake and Dr. Alan Greene spoke to the benefits of natural parenting, and celebrity parents mingled with GroVia - many learning for the first time why GroVia diapers (and cloth diapers in general), are better for baby, our planet and our checkbooks. Celebrities like Danica McKellar (Winnie, The Wonder Years), Kaitlin Olson and husband Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and supermodel/entrepreneur Josie Maran, all stopped by the GroVia booth to learn about our new brand, products and the ins-and-outs of cloth diapering. Danica McKellar was so surprised to learn about what a difference cloth diapering can make on baby and our planet – she left with a bag full of product and plans to use GroVia on her baby-to-be, due this Fall!

Following the PAM event, GroVia COO, Sarah Greenshields, went on a mini-media tour all the way up the California coast. Starting in Los Angeles for an on-air segment on Southern California Life, then up to San Francisco, and then Sacramento for a quick morning segment on Sacramento’s Fox 40 Morning Show - Sarah finally made it back to Los Angeles to meet with a reporter for the Huffington Post who wrote a fabulous article all about how to convince Dad to use cloth. It was a whirlwind week of great exposure!

GroVia ended the week at the Dog & Baby Buffet, an annual Mother’s Day celebration that brings top celebrity parents out for two days of sun and fun. Held at the beautiful Century Plaza Hotel on Mother’s Day weekend, celebrity parents (of babies and dogs) were out in full force to celebrate with GroVia. With a fully decorated booth, lots of great giveaways, and a baby table for demonstrating how to use GroVia diapers - we made converts out of celebrity parents and parents-to-be, like Minnie Driver, Jodie Sweetin, Shar Jackson, Evan Handler, stars from High School Musical, Glee and even the star of the Old Spice commercials, Isaiah Mustafa!

To leverage the celebrity potential and keep the LA feel-good going, GroVia will be hosting an auction of celebrity signed cloth shells on the GroVia Facebook page with all proceeds going to charity. At the Dog & Baby Buffet, GroVia asked top celebrity attendees to sign GroVia cloth shells to be auctioned off to GroVia’s Facebook fans, with all proceeds going to Shriners Hospitals for Children®, a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to improving the lives of children by providing specialty pediatric care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs. They will begin the first shell auction this week - so stay tuned to their Facebook page for the announcement!

A brief but successful trip to the west coast, GroVia was thrilled launch the new brand by sharing their knowledge and product with California’s best and brightest. Stay up-to-date with all of GroVia’s happenings on their Facebook page. For more information on GroVia, click here.


Shelly said...

Have an AIO from KElly's Closet headed my way! So excited!

Suzy said...

They sounded like fun events. The baby in the pic is so darn cute too!

Ann said...

What's up with the GroVia craze? A glorified disposable diaper is not the solution! When I started cloth diapering I looked at all of the options I could find. From the GDiapers, "bio degradable", hybrid, and the like. I found that if I am truly going to take a stand for the environment and the health of my baby, full time cloth diapers is the only solution. I love the full cloth version of GroVia, it looks like a great diaper. So why promote the disposable version? I am so confused!

More and more often if you educate your daycare provider about the "modern" cloth diaper they are more willing to work with you.

And for those who will use the "I'm traveling and can't wash the diapers" reason for using the disposable version, I get that and think that if you are truly not going to be able to wash then it's a nice solution. But...for the record my family just took a trip to see relatives for an extended weekend. It was a long drive and we did our wash before we left for home and happily clothed it the whole way! And, I am planning another trip where we will be in hotels for a week or more and will be talking to the concierge about laundry locations and other solutions. I know it's possible to travel and cloth diaper!!

I love my beautiful baby in his FuzziBunz!

ammcnamara said...

Ooh! It would be interesting if celebs start CD'ing!! What a great opportunity for GroVia!

Sara said...

No, it's not possible to cloth diaper if you're on an extended trip and staying in a hotel. With a laundromat, you'd have to run a couple of loads with a CD friendly detergent with nothing but rags or towels inside, just to get rid of the residue from the 'bad' detergents. I wouldn't have towels or rags to use, so I'd be SOL. That would also mean carrying a lot of detergent with us, which also wouldn't be realistic.

We have to go on a month long trip overseas in August, and we'd be staying in a hotel, so I plan on buying the GroVia system with biosoakers to use because hell, they're better than disposables. To each their own, I guess.

I look at events like this, and realize that they're obviously attractive to people outside of Los Angeles who aren't locals. To attract celebrities and introduce them to a product, all you have to do is give out coupons and information at places like the Hollywood, Santa Monica and Studio City farmer's markets because tons of actors, musicians and other celebrities go there every single week.

They want to help the environment, too, and don't mind paying. Giving someone something for free doesn't guarantee that they'll use it!

Jen said...

Where did you read they were promoting the disposable version? Perhaps you are confused, because this whole article talks about spreading the benefits of cloth diapering in general, specifically promoting the launch of their rebranding.
Part of the problem out there is the "all or nothing" approach to being green. Maybe someone who only used "regular" disposables isn't willing to switch to cloth completely, but isn't finding a less harmful solution better than continuing to fill landfills and cover babies with harmful plastic and chemicals?
I am a firm believer that any step in the right direction is a good one... Kudos to you for your strong commitment to full time CDing, but let's also support those making good choices on a smaller scale as well!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's possible to cloth diaper on an extended trip! Do you have a bathroom? Hand-wash your diapers and dry them in your room (or on your balcony) if you have one. I've done this in LV and Hawaii, and it was fine (not as horrifying as it sounds). Use disposable diapers if you want, but don't say it's because you 'had' to!

susie ;)