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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Product Focus: Tot Bots

TotsBots began after our second baby, Maia, was born in 2001. Having used disposables for three years on our first child, we headed down the cloth nappy route with fingers crossed as lots of people thought we were a bit mad to be using old-fashioned nappies (incidentally folk who had never used cloth nappies before!) Four months later having tried various brands of cloth nappies we were about to give up. I then decided to design and make my own nappies combining the best of both, the convenience of disposables with the comfort of cloth. Even I was amazed at how well my prototypes worked! Soon our friends wanted some, they told their friends, who told their friends and it wasn't long before we were well on our way to became the thriving business TotsBots is today. We are still a family run business, led by myself and my partner Magnus. (The kids help out too, Kyle helps in dispatch during the summer holidays, Maia helps choose colourways for new prints and the youngest two, Darach and baby Stroan, give our products a thorough testing daily!)

Our nappies have evolved hugely since the first towelling prototypes with the fairly recent addition of the Easyfit Birth to Potty to our range. We came up with the concept for this about 3 years ago and it took about 12 months to fully research and test the design and component fabrics. Essentially it is a hybrid nappy, a cross between a Pocket and an All-in-One. It is a one piece with the option to stuff giving extra absorbency when required. We were looking for the nappy to tick lots of boxes, it needed to be easy to use yet perform as well as a two piece; slim fitting yet absorbent with great containment; fast drying with the option to boost absorbency when required; but most of all it needed to be durable and comfortable for baby. By using a combination of fabrics, knitted bamboo absorbent interior, hidden microfibre core, wickproof edging and wick free PU outer we feel we have achieved what we set out to do. The Easyfit is now by far our best seller despite the fact that the original TotsBots nappy was a two piece.

We are very proud of the fact that all TotsBots nappies are made in our factory Glasgow, this gives us total control over quality and it is a great feeling to know that we are providing jobs to local people. We have a very dedicated, experienced team who have been making nappies day-in day-out for the last 9 years. This is clearly reflected in the the quality and performance of our products. We love our nappies that's for sure!"


Earth mama said...

I love the Tots Bots easy fit diaper soo much! I have just started cloth diapering and it is hands down my favorite! I only have one so I am constantly washing it so my baby can wear it again lol. I hope I can get more soon!

Suzy said...

This sound like great diapers and I love that after the years it is still a family business!

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful family

HIS Brave Storm said...

I completely love tots bots!we only have the tiny fit but I will soon be investing in the easy fits as soon as my daughter is big enough. I'm completely new to cloth diapering and tots bots makes it easy!Love your procuct! I would love to see a sell soon so I can stock up!!

Andi Bone said...

I love my cloth nappies, my mum got me some totsbots for when she next visits and I'm really excited about trying them because everything I've heard is good.