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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Why Cotton Training Pants?

We can take care of all your cotton training pants questions. If your little one is ready to potty train, that means they are growing up. While you may not want to admit that your baby days are numbered, it is still an exciting milestone for both of you. We know that not everyone is an expert on potty training or on the best products to use to make it the most successful experience for your child. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and can offer you some suggestions as to what you might need for the potty training stage of your child’s development.

Why Cotton Training Pants?

There are many reasons why we recommend cotton training pants. Of course, if you are already using cloth diapers, the move to washable training pants is a logical transition. However, even parents who have used disposable products to this point may find themselves examining the various cloth options. The main reason for this is that studies indicate that children who use cotton training pants learn to use the potty quicker and more effectively than those who are kept in a super-absorbent disposable product. After all, it’s hard to develop the control needed for potty training if there is no physical indication of accidents. Disposable products are so absorbent that wetness is never felt. Cloth training pants, on the other hand, allow your child to feel when they are wet, giving them the essential feedback necessary for successful potty training.

What Features Do You Need?

Like disposable products, cotton training pants should allow for accessible changes. After all, accidents are a normal part of potty training. We prefer styles that can be pulled off and on like a regular pair of underwear; this gives your child a sense of accomplishment. However, for messy accidents, it’s also nice for parents to be able to easily change the cotton training pants. Look for products that have side snaps or can otherwise be removed without creating an even bigger mess. 

Another feature that is appealing to parents is a waterproof layer. Potty training doesn’t just happen when it is convenient for you. In fact, busy families may be working of potty training more when out-and-about than they do at home. Having cotton training pants with a waterproof layer gives you greater peace-of-mind, providing a bit of extra protection from leaks. Because the waterproof layer is towards the outside of the cotton training pants, this feature does not interfere with the ability to feel wetness.

There are many types of cotton training pants. In fact, when looking at our products, some may appear to be made of different types of fabric. Cotton can be milled in different ways, creating flannel, knit or terry cloth, for example. These all still qualify as cotton training pants. The cotton is merely the base fiber that makes the training pants absorbent.


Karrianne said...

I really hate disposable pull ups, but its so hard to potty train a child when they are wearing diapers! so I was SUPER excited to find cloth ones! I have Antsy Pants and a couple others from a lady who makes them at her home. That's actually what got me started using cloth. I had training pants first, loved them, and bought cloth diapers for our new baby, too! (which I also love!)

Melody said...

What perfect timing for this post. I just finished making four cotton trainers using the Stellar Transitions pattern I bought at Kelly's Closet.

Anonymous said...

Are there some that feel more like underwear? Which brands? I have a Gerber sample from my sister in law and they were like plastic pants! Ick! Preferably, they'd be like a underwear but absorbant.

Alycia said...

My friend used Little Beetles Training Pants (pictured in the entry) and Imse Vimse Trainers. I loved the Little Beetles becuase they had snaps or could be pulled up and down. The IV were very soft and cute as well. She used sposies with her twins (thought about cloth but opted not to after having twins) and I got her to switch to cloth trainers at least!

Of course, this is just another thing I'll probably get addicted to when the time comes!

Kara - Wife, Momma, Doula said...

I am on my third child and pregnant with my 4th. I bought ONE pack of Pull ups with my 2nd son and never bought them again. I quickly went to cotton training pants...They just made more sense.

I will do so with my daughter and this little bun in my oven :) I really can wait to get my daughter some cute little undies (she is 18 months now). Another year to go or sooner and she should be potty trained :)

Crystal said...

Thanks for this post! My dd is going to be ready to potty train soon and I definitely want to use a re-usable product during that time not only because the feed back will be better with cotton but because we're planning to have a large family and I'm sure will save lots of money over buying pull-ups.

Kelly said...

These look great but when are you planning on restocking the blue ones in medium?

a said...

This makes total sense to me, since Pullups didn't exist when I was little. I don't remember my own potty training but I remember my younger sister's, and all that was available were cotton trainers.

They were around when my youngest sister was potty training, but my mom still used the cotton. We all day trained pretty early, too.