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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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Rump•a•rooz One Size Diapers – Four Diapers in One

Finding a cloth diaper to fits your baby perfectly can often be a hassle. When you use Rumparooz One Size diapers, you will never fuss over ill-fitting diapers again. Rumparooz are manufactured to be four diaper sizes in one.

About Rump•a•rooz
Rumparooz One Size diapers were created by Julie Ekstrom when she needed to find a cloth diaper method that was suitable for her baby's sensitive skin. After trying one diapering method after another, she was unable to find a diaper that would fit her baby properly. Leaks, stains and frequent messes required Ekstrom to pack a whole wardrobe of clothing and diapering supplies when she would leave the house with her baby girl. Frustrated over all of the hassle, Ekstrom decided it was time to pull out all of the stops and begin designing her own cloth diapers.

Ekstrom's diaper pattern fit her baby girl perfectly. She began using a variety of fabrics in bright colors and adorable prints. Soon, other moms wanted Ekstrom to make cloth diapers for their babies. Ekstrom began to take orders and eventually Rumparooz One Size diapers became so popular that local retailers began requesting the cloth diapers for their stores.

Rump•a•rooz Diapers
Rumparooz One Size diapers are four diapers in one. They feature rise snaps on the front of the diaper to allow it to be adjusted to fit babies of all sizes. With most cloth diapering methods, parents have to wait for their baby to gain a little weight in order for the diapers to fit flawlessly. Rumparooz One Size diapers are the first diapers that will fit a baby as tiny as six pounds and continue to fit until potty training.

Each diaper is equip with a “6-r soaker.” This soaker has six absorbency and size settings to provide a customized fit for your baby. This soaker design also increases the function of the diaper and it is superb for preventing leaks and spills. Rumparooz One Size diapers feature a patent pending gusset which also helps provide leak proof protection against the biggest messes.

Rumparooz One Size diapers are reusable cloth diapers perfect for babies of every size. They are designed with style in mind. Cute prints and comfortable fabrics are not only ideal for soft, sensitive baby skin, but they can be coordinated to match any outfit. Plain, boring diapers are a thing of the past. Rumparooz One Size diapers are both fun to wear and easy to use. They are manufactured to be durable and sustain use over long periods of time. Rumparooz One Size diapers are guaranteed to be made at the highest quality that they can even be passed down from one baby to another.

Stay tuned for some great new prints and new Rumparooz products being launched this fall!

By Kelly- aka “The Cloth Diaper Whisperer”


Alycia said...

I was really hesitant to try RaR for a long time. I just didn't see what made them different from the other OS Pockets on the market. Finally I took the plunge and fell in love! These really do get super tiny, the smallest I've ever seen a OS with rise snaps get! While I wish the 6r soaker was a MF/Hemp combo its super absorbant the way it is.

She hit a home run with these :-)

Jenney said...

Although I am not a huge fan of the fit of these diapers (got better when we moved to a "medium" setting) the lack of poop-up-the-back has been great.
Breastfed poop is super runny. Cloth diapers in general keep the BM in the diapers better...but WOW do these diapers deliver.
Also, their newborn Joeys or whatever they are called...SO nice.

Kara - Wife, Momma, Doula said...

I have never tried a Rumparooz diaper but would love to one day!

Anonymous said...

Any suggestions on where to go after these styles dont fit? I have a chubby/ long rise toddler who will probably be another year before potty training...

The RaR are almost too small, and yes, he already slimmed out a bit after learning to walk/run a while ago.