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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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GroVia: One Awesome Multi-Use Shell

I have recently developed an obsession for GroVia shells. So much so that I have lost interest in my pocket diapers- my FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Knickernappies, and Rumparooz are sitting gathering dust.  The obsession with GroVia stemmed from my realization that I could use them in so many ways!

It started when I realized I could put Flip stay-dry inserts in my GroVia shells, and that they actually wouldn't slide around in there.  I kind of have to stretch the shell to fit over the insert, but then nothing is budging that insert- it doesn't slide around like it does in the Flip covers- it stays put.

Well, that was great.  So I thought, "What about for my girl... she's smaller and the Flip insert looks bulky."  So I tried the bumGenius Stay-Dry Doublers in hers- they are fleece-topped.  They're kind of wide, but they fit, and they're shorter.  Two of those, and she's good even through her naps!

Okay, then what about tri-folded prefolds?  Oh yes!  I have preemie-sized prefolds, and I wrap one of them inside of a second one, and lay them in the shell.  They work and fit GREAT!  Flat diapers also work when folded to fit the shell- and they're a very trim option!

At this point, I thought there was nothing these shells couldn't do, so I was trying to figure out a situation where someone would rather use disposables- say at night for a heavy-wetter who can't use cloth, or when they were using heavy-duty rash cream and wanted to protect their diapers, or on a trip where they wouldn't be able to wash diapers.  So I bought GroVia BioSoakers- disposable, but without the guilt because they are biodegradable.  My daughter at this time had a yeast infection and was being treated with over-the-counter cream.  I used the BioSoakers inside the GroVia shells, and NOTHING got through to the cover!  I was able to re-use the covers between inserts, because even wetness didn't get through- not poo, either, and most importantly- none of the cream.  So I gave them the ultimate test- I tried a BioSoaker at night with my heavy-wetting, pee-through-anything boy.  It leaked a bit onto his pajamas.  No worries!  The next night, I put a Hemp Babies Diaper Doubler under the BioSoaker- no leaks!  After that, I decided to use 2 Hemp Babies doublers, just to be on the safe side, and even on his heaviest-wetting nights, the GroVia shell with a BioSoaker and 2 hemp doublers hasn't leaked even a little.  And it's AMAZINGLY trim- like a disposable!  A guilt-free, environmentally-healthier, non-chemical alternative to disposable diapers!

With the awesome new prints coming out in December in both hook & loop AND snaps, I'm geeking out a bit.  Very much looking forward to feeding my new obsession!

By Stacy F.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for testing so many alternatives. I am new to CDing and Grovia was the first and basically only diaper I tried (bought my first two on a deal-a-day site). I loved the versatility, but thatnks for expanding on that for me! I am also a huge fan of the Grovia flushable liners.

StephanieU said...

I have three GroBaby shells, and I like them a lot. The only thing I don't love is the hook and loop since my son can easily pull it apart (hence he must have pants on to wear these diapers). I use prefolds in them mostly, but I also use the biosoakers for travel. Those biosoakers hold a lot!

mamakass said...

Love these diapers! We use the cotton soakers during the day at home and the BioSoakers while out and about on my 18mo old. The shells are great with prefolds for my 7 week old. So nice to be able to use one brand for both kids. Fits both girls very well!
And they are so cute too. Love the new patterns!!

Shannon said...

I definitely agree with you! GroVia are the only diapers I ever use! They work will with all my inserts too and I just can't get enough of them. I have a little girl but I think I'm going to order one of each of the new prints because they are just SO cute!

Terry said...

i LOVE my grovia snap shells SOOOO much!

Steven said...

As someone new to cloth diapers, how many shells / inserts are we going to need to do cloth full time? I know it is a little different for everyone, but I am looking for a guess-timate.

Thank you!

K. Camille Stevens said...

Wow- cool! I will have to dig my GroVia over out of the diaper box now and try some new uses on my little guy!

Mama Stacy said...

Stacy F here. :)

I really love the hook & loop on these shells, but for "take it all off" toddlers, I recommend the snapping ones. :) My toddlers can strip with the rest of them, so I do use the snapping ones when they're pant-less.

@Steven~ It does depend on how old your baby is and how many diapers they will go through in a day. My daughter can re-use the shell a couple of times before I wash it, whereas my son usually needs his changed every time. In a day, I'd probably use 4 on my daughter and 6 on my son, as far as the shells go. Inserts also depend on the baby- newborns can go through 12 a day, and toddlers may get by with 5-6. :)