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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Eye on Cloth Diapering: CBS Reporter Turns Modern-Day Cloth Diapering the Topic Du Jour

Natali del Conte Morris, a reporter for CBS's Eye on Parenting online series, had no idea that diapering was such a heated topic... that is until she did her first segment on diapering titled "The Diaper Wars: Cloth vs. Disposables" featuring Dr. Alanna Levine. The segment featured only old-fashioned, clunky cloth diaper options - no mention of any modern, easy to use diapers like bumGenius, Rumparooz and FuzziBunz - the brands we know and love!

After the segment aired on November 4, Natali says she was inudated with emails and comments about how unbalanced her segment was and how poorly it portrayed cloth diapering. The latest of the 370 comments left says, "Wow, this is a terribly researched and inaccurate piece of journalism. I'm very disappointed. I've used both disposables and cloth so I am well aware of what both involve. They were anti-disposable and didn't mention so many of the great aspects of cloth diapering. I'm quite appalled overall." This comment nicely sums up what moms were saying about this TV spot.

After realizing her error and anxious to make things right with moms again, Natali accepted what she called a "Cloth Diapering Challenge." She agreed to try cloth diapers for one month and then blog about her experiences online. Her conditions:
  1. She wanted help from the cloth diapering community - CHECK! The cloth diapering community showered her with advice and words of encouragement. The cloth diaper manufacturers showered her to treats to try out at home too!  I think her collection might be bigger than mine!
  2. She asked that no one personally attacks her (we agree, some of the comments were not so professional) - CHECK! Once she agreed to the challenge, the cloth diapering community rallied around her.
  3. She said she couldn't promise a follow up video - but she would try to make one (more info on that later!)
So after a month of trying cloth diapers, Natali said herself that she is a "convert." She and her producer became well versed in cloth diapering and invited the mother of the modern cloth diaper and founder of FuzziBunz cloth diapers, Tereson Dupuy, to do a "modern cloth diapering 101" segment on December 9th. This segment showcased the latest modern cloth diaper brands and discussed why moms are going retro in their diapering choice today. Tereson showed that cloth diapering is easy, cost-effective and even fun to do! Watch the full video here!

The comments from this new and improved segment were quite positive. This mother sums it up best when she says, "Thank you so much for re-visiting this and showing the benefits of the different types of cloth! Throughout this trial, you have truly been the "average" woman - one like me who started with disposable and once introduced to cloth, never went back. I wish more women would realize how much better cloth diapering is!"

I think we can all agree that cloth diapering is worth a look and try. That said, we recognize it's not for everyone. The goal is for moms and dads to be open-minded like Natali. It's also important that moms do their homework and take the time to consider each option carefully... doing so will open the door to new and exciting opportunities now and in the future!


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Laura said...

Loved following this story. I too was skeptical of cloth diapering working for us until I switched and we are converted!

M said...

I saw this segment and it was quite good.

Leslie said...

Wow, I wasn't aware of this at all. Sounds like she really didn't do her homework before the first segment. So glad she had the second chance to experience what all of us have experienced!