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Monday, February 14, 2011

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Showing Love: Things Your Baby Does that Says, “I Love You”

We’re sure you know how to show your baby love each and every day, but do you realize the special ways your baby returns the favor? Here are a few ways your baby is likely telling you they love you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Smiles. Your baby smiles when she sees you because she associates your face with a happy feeling. Babies can’t talk, so they’re likely showing you their love in a simple – and adoring – way.

Reaching for you. Body language is proof of just how much your baby cares for you. Watch for them turning their heads to see you and reaching out to be held by you especially when someone they don’t know tries to hold them.

Being a copy cat. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when it comes from your developing toddler! Tots love to imitate the behaviors and actions of those they love most. When she’s pretending to talk on a toy phone, it just may be her way of showing you how cool she thinks you are!

Kisses. Your baby has been paying attention to the way you show affection and she wants to do the same. Enjoy those sweet smooches you get in return, just beware they have a tendency to land everywhere and may be full of drool!

Glee. When you walk in the room does your baby beam with happiness? When babies are happy to see you, they are definitely showing the joy of your presence in the purest form.

Saving the meltdowns for you. It’s not the most discreet way for babies and toddlers to show their affection, but when they throw a tantrum or act up after you’ve been away, it could be their way of testing the boundaries. They know you will still love them and that they can “vent” in front of you.


Darcy said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! There are moments - especially after really hard days that just wear you down and drag on your spirit. This post reminded me of that love my son shows. May I never be too busy to notice it. :)

steph1012 said...

Little baby smiles are the best! My 2 month old has just started smiling back at me the last couple of weeks and it melts my heart every time! My 3 year old is such a Daddy's little man now so I don't get as much lovin' from him as I used to but this morning about an hour after my husband left for work and I heard him in his bedroom talking to one of his toys saying, "I love my daddy... I miss him!" It was so cute and I had to go give him a big 'ol hug and kiss even though it wasn't directed at me! =)

Elsaite said...

I am expecting my first and look forward to these many nonverbal signs of love.

Lara + Chris said...

This is SO sweet! I cannot WAIT until our LO arrives and I get to experience some of this!