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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Meet April's Spotlight MOM: Brooke U.

Name: Brooke U.

City: Pittsburg, PA

Mom to: Colton (2.5) and Gemma (9 months)

Here's some of her thoughts on diapering, motherhood and everything in between:

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby?
I wanted to start cloth diapering with Colton. I didn't know anything about cloth diapering until he got a really bad diaper rash. I stumbled upon the Kelly's Closet website. After researching cloth diapering, I was hooked. My husband was a bit skeptical and deterred me. It wasn't until I started to potty train Colton that I was really hooked and determined (while pregnant with Gemma) that I would cloth diaper! I love the convenience, the cuteness, and most of all how gentle they are on her little bottom. I can't even imagine the paper/plastic of the disposable on her soft skin! It really disheartens me that I didn't go with my gut feeling and cloth diaper Colton!

Describe your parenting style using three words.
Loving. Consistent. Fun!

What is one product you absolutely can't live with out?
My Moby Wrap!! I would die without it. Well, not really, but nothing would ever get done around my house without it!

What is your favorite diaper and why?
My favorite diaper is a toss up right now. I love my tried and true bumGenius! Elemental Organic All-in-One. That's what we have the most of. I haven't ever had one leak and they are a pretty slim diaper. However, I've recently purchased a few GroVia All-in-Ones. They are super slim when you take out the doubler. Tthe only thing is we have had few leaks in them. I've just been changing a little more often.

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why?
Sadly I ponder over the idea of having super powers all of the time. There are days that where I sit and think about all that I accomplished, and think maybe I did have super powers today! Wouldn't it be nice? Back to the question though, it would definitely be super speed. Just think...I could be done with everything before the kids even wake and really just play all day with them. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader?
I have to say everyone in my family has been huge supporters. Being that I didn't CD with my first, my entire family chipped in to buy us a newborn set of diapers, a one-size set of diapers and a few sets of sized diapers. I must admit that my hubby was also hooked when he realized that the amount of money he would be saving!! That's all the convincing he needed!

How do you think being a mother has changed you?
Becoming a mother really has made me realize how little things that used to bug me don't really matter anymore. I can't stress over having everything in its place at all times. But most of all, I have to say that being a mother has just put everything in perspective for me. Life in our house IS crazy and crazy equals more giggles and more memories for our family to share!


Pilgrim family said...

Funny, i wanted to cloth diaper my first now 26 months old and potty training and my husband too was like no. well here i am prego again and well.. he has no choice. the buying has begun and i am so excited. i am sure once she gets here and we dont have to buy diapers every week he will be too!!

Christine said...

My husband just looked at me funny when I said we were doing cloth diapering .. and then was more accepting when I showed him a video of how the OS diapers worked and I bought some to show him... the page that showed cloth vs. disposable savings helped too :) He's a natural now!