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Thursday, April 14, 2011

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PSA Tasty Purple Crayons Won't Stain Your Diapers

My daughter had a little friend over playing - and I was trying to keep track of them and take care of my nine month old son.  I thought I was doing a fair job.  Then I looked down at my son - as I was carrying him down the stairs.  He had purple smeared all over his little baby face.  While I was holding him, he had been happily munching on one of his sister's purple crayons - and I hadn't even noticed.  Needless to say, I felt like Mom of the Year.

Right away, I did a finger sweep and got any large pieces out of his mouth.  Then I cleaned up his face.  I didn't really think he'd swallowed much - if any of the crayon. 

But later, after I'd nearly forgotten about the incident, Miles filled a diaper for me.  As I was rinsing it, I noticed these pretty little purple patches.  Lots of purple crayon pieces intermixed with the poo.  I laughed.  Apparently he'd eaten more than I thought.  I tossed the diaper into the wash with all the other dirty diapers and it came out without a spot.  Bright white - like always.  The white T-shirt I had been wearing didn't fare as well and I still have a purple stain on the front from his crayon drool. 

That crayon was no match for the suedecloth lining of the KaWaii one size.

Amanda W.


Catherine said...

LOL sounds like something I would have happen! I think we need suede cloth t-shirts!

Sarah said...

Very cute. My mother didn't believe me the other day when we noticed teal dotting my son's diaper, and I knew right away it was the tooth marked crayon that I had found earlier.

seahorse said...

That is a funny one. I can't believe what will come out of the diapers when you wash them!

Tom said...

That happened with my son with an orange crayon...he thought it was delicious!

Brenda said...

Yea for suede cloth.

T said...

When my oldest was a baby he got into my oil pastels and munched on one. His kissaluv he was wearing and filled with the brightly colored poop came clean with no stain after a sunning.

Amanda said...

Any ideas how to get crayon out when it does stain? I just washed an entire load of diapers...Blueberries, Rumparooz, Kawaii, BGs, Happy Heineys....and apparently there were crayons somewhere, because they are covered in marks!!