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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Foster: Cloth.

May is "Foster Care Awareness Month", and my husband and I are just weeks away from being a licensed foster family!

We had someone ask us a few weeks ago if we are going to use cloth diapers with our future foster children or not.

Truth is, the first thing I said is no! Disposables it is!

The thought of dealing with another child's dirty diapers grossed me out a bit, lets admit it, cloth can be messy sometimes!

But then, in these past few days we've had a friends little one year old hanging out with us, and we ran out of "sposies"!

The only thing I had was my daughters Fuzzibunz stash, freshly clean and awaiting her next diaper change! So I said what the heck, and put one on him.

It's day three of having him in cloth, and it's not bad at all! I'm not sure what I was so grossed out about before, I actually LOVE how cute he looks in them (and he cant rip them off!). Also, despite popular belief, foster parents do not get much money to care for the child/children they have placed with them, using cloth with everyone will help the budget in a huge way! Who knows, maybe the children's parents will be interested in using cloth when they return home!

So YES! We will be using cloth on our future foster children, each and every one of them (that wear diapers!) will have their own Fuzzibunz stash awaiting them, and I cannot wait!
Now for the fun part...the building of their stashes..!

By Shay P.


Nicole said...

That is awesome! And how very exciting that your journey with fostering starts soon!

marnieov said...

Wow! Kudos to you for fostering. I hope you keep us updated on how it goes after you have some experience. Do you use Fuzzibunz exclusively for all of your children?

PotterMama said...

@Nicole, thank you!

@marnieove, We have a few BG's in our stash, but mainly FB. I love how long lasting they are, the fleece and colors.

You can keep up with our fostering journey on our blog

Colleen said...

We are a foster family and I have been using cloth on all our kids from the beginning.
You are right, sometimes it is hard to do but in the long run it's worth it.
Good Luck! Fostering is the hardest job you will ever LOVE!

mrsprincessdawn said...

Thats so awesome! Foster care is so wonderful. My parents did foster care when I was growing up. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! For more foster kids in cloth!! I have cloth diapered 2 foster children and can't wait to keep using the diapers.

Liv said...

It is beautiful what you are doing, becoming a foster family. I'm looking forward to reading how the little ones do in their fluffies!

Karmihn'sMom said...

Its great that you're fostering! CD' ing your foster children seems like the most logical (and economical) step when you've already got one in cloth diapers :)

Trista said...

I recently left my position as a foster care casemanager and one of the families I worked with use cloth on all of their foster kids. In fact when I was preparing for my LO I spoke with the foster mother at length about diapers and washing. I even found her larger sized diapers for her very large child! :). Fostering and cloth diapering go great together! :).

And your right, foster parents do not receive a large amount of money to help cover the cost of the kids. It's for the kids, not payment for the parent, and there is never enough.

Good luck! And I'm glad you decided to take the journey to help other families rebuild their lives.

Anna said...

Awesome! We've thrown the idea of fostering around and when my kiddos are done with their stash, I'm planning to hold on to all our beloved diapers in case we do in fact decide to foster. Way to go!

Azure Skyyes said...

We are a CD foster family...I have even convinced our daycare to cloth diaper my foster baby.