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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Diapering More Than One: Some Pointers

The two most valuable things I have learned about cloth diapering, whether its one child, or more than one, are that wet bags are invaluable, especially for eliminating plastic bags from your life, and also that One-Size diapers are a life saver. We are also experimenting with cloth wipes for additional cost savings and waste reduction.

In case you hadn't heard of them before, planet wise wetbags are these fantastic fabric, waterproof bags, that you can use to hold your diapers. Whether you are on the run, on vacation, or at home. They come in different adorable prints, and 3 convenient sizes. So far, I've ordered the small art deco and the bumble deco--which has a cute bright yellow lining inside. These bags are great for carrying two to three diapers from my toddler or newborn.

We use only One-Size diapers, just in case I forget to bring a diaper for someone (a lesson I learned when my first two were in disposables, a baby can fit in a toddler diaper, but a toddler cannot fit in a baby sized diaper. This is assuming you remember to pack diapers at all, haha!) I ordered one size diapers for my toddler when she was 19 months old. I ordered one sized diapers in the hopes that we would be able to use them for the new baby once the toddler was out of diapers. My husband was still reluctant to use cloth on the baby we were expecting, so I thought I would take it slow and see how it went. As a compromise, we agreed to switch to cloth for the toddler, and we would also use cloth on the newborn, but not for the first 6 weeks, when laundry would be daunting. We requested diapers as one of the games at my baby shower, and had more than enough disposables, in fact, I haven't had to buy any since the baby was born (5/19/11). We ended up cloth diapering after about two weeks, since I ended up being able to deliver normally (VBA2C rather than c/section), and I was getting back into the laundry rhythm for our toddler.

This happened to be around the time that bumGenius was running a buy 5 get one free sale, so we stocked up on those, for both kids, and I also ordered several Kawaiis, Rumparooz, and most recently Fuzzibunz. My absolute favorite thing is that if I run out of diapers before I can run the laundry, I can simply adjust the snaps (or elastic) for whomever I am using it for. We have also tried to take advantage of the Kelly's Closet one-size diaper coupon deals, whereby you get one free diaper with a certain minimum purchase. I have been having some leakage issues with my newborn, but I think it is more of a matter of him being in between snap sizes than anything else. I am experimenting with fit to figure out what's going on. One-size diapers have been wonderful for us. I definitely don't miss the $20/box expenditure that we were making before we made the switch, and that was when I only had one in diapers full-time, and one wearing them only at night!


laurie said...

My son was born the same day:)

info said...

Wet bags are amazing. Most people don't realize they are invaluable until they have one!


Journey said...

This is a great post and confirms much of what I've been thinking with a toddler and ds2 due in September: more wetbags and one-size pockets. Our stash right now consists mostly of prefolds, although our BG 3.0's get used the most. I am finding third trimester fatigue that simpler is better. Being able to have one diaper that will suit the needs of either child will be a huge help. Two children, one type of diaper in the diaper bag.

toi said...

I follow you on facebook.