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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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How Do I Love Thee?: Ode to Cloth Diapers

It's 3:30 am. I'm still up. Both babies have fallen back asleep - I have 5 month old twins - and I'm good to go for at least a few hours. Hopefully. Anyways, I should be happily scampering off to bed but instead I'm sitting on the floor in the nursery with my nose buried in my Iphone scouring the internet for anything cloth-diaper-related (most recently, it was another search for storing dirty diapers, and after days of reflection, I've decided on the hanging wet/dry bag...I've GOT to do something with that horrendous odor).

What is it about cloth diapers??? I never, ever thought I would be one to 1) use them, 2) adore them, 3) eventually become so obsessed that I lose sleep...even, would CHOOSE to stay up in order to check out the latest deals, colors, and styles.

When I'd first considered cloth diapering it really was a result of numerous friends' who cloth diaper, and particularly one close friend who lived nearby. I had a glimpse into her own process when she had her first little one. After I became pregnant with the twins, I casually mentioned it to various family members who all responded with comments like, "That's disgusting, don't do it," or "HA! We'll see how long you will last!" I admit that it was really daunting in the beginning - there are so many philosophies, options, and systems. And trying to figure out how to wash them??? But, my husband and I discussed it (although he likes to remember that I was the one that did more of the discussing...and deciding) and we took the plunge. We committed to it for numerous, really important reasons like preserving the environment - so the babies have beautiful places to hike around when they're older - and being economical in the long run, but really deep down inside, I love how cute they are both on and off the babies, and besides, anything that makes dealing with poo and pee easier on a regular basis is always ideal to me.

So, I think after about...five months, I finally kind of get it. When we first started we namely used Lil Joeys, and they were simple and straightforward (although they took an eternity to dry after each wash). The cloth diapers we use the most now: For the girl-baby - Kissaluvs and Thirstie covers (she's a skinny mini so she's still in size 0s and small ones for the covers. But I just ordered the next size up and am DYING to use them) and for the boy-baby - Fuzzibunz and BumGenius one size pocket diapers, both snaps and velcro (the girl-baby uses the BumGenius, too). I based my decision mostly on the recommendation of friends who I feel have similar tastes and personalities to me, and it has worked out fine. In retrospect (and it is something I advise to other moms who exploring the cloth diaper lifestyle), I wish I had done some of the trial packages or just bought a few of various kinds just to give them a shot. Needless to say, there are always pros and cons for every cloth diapering system, like for me the Kissaluvs are easy to use with the covers, but girl-baby is a bit of a diva and doesn't like to sit in a wet diaper for very long at all. The Fuzzibunz are soft and absorbent, and clean really well but the adjustments and snaps don't always make for a perfect fit, which is why I haven't used them on the girl-baby yet. The bumGenius diapers wick away the moisture well (great for the girl-baby) but I find more leaks with them especially if I don't put enough inserts. All in all though, I am profoundly happy with the decision to cloth diaper, and each system suits me in their own way (and my husband, which is very key).

And so, to end, before I become too verbose, an ode, for what better way is there to express love than through poetry?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

I love thee for the colors from sweet designs to sky blue,
I love thee for the endeavor - though not always perfect - you contain pee and poo.

I love thee for the conscientious part you have in saving the earth,
I love thee for the option we have to use you even from birth.

I love thee for the ease of the wash - and make it almost fun,
I love thee for the wonderful miracle of stains taken away by the sun!

I love thee for...
Well, I'm just being redundant now, I think that's about as good as it's going to get with the strain on my mom-brain. I love them. So much so that I really think everyone should do it. And, even though it is more accessible to a certain economic group there is a great organization called Heiny Helpers that is trying to make it available no matter what the income level through your donations - so a little plug here at the very end in the hope of diversifying its use by all kinds of people so that everyone can fall in love with them, too.

Bio: Mihee is a recent stay-at-home-mom with boy/girl five month old twins. She is interested in the outdoors, writing, faith and spirituality, and most of all learning about parenthood (which she does at her blog


Charlotte Butler said...

I love the ode! But mostly, I love hearing of how others got into cding. We used sposies with our first child but are planning to cd with the new baby once its born. We've been discouraged a lot by our families, and overwhelmed with so many options! It helps to hear how much others love it and overcame all the negative nancys!

Danielle said...

I can completely relate to this!! I am in love, who would have thought? People also told me I wouldnt stick to it and how disgusting it is and I am in love! <3 if you like fuzzibunz check out and! that is what we use, very affordable and I am in love with them as well! very cute prints :)

Betty said...

LOVE it! That is so cute! And we did it for the "economical reason" along with the "no more smell in the kitchen" reason...but I really just love the way they look too! LoL! I love choosing which one to put on him, telling people about them and how it all works! So great!

Anonymous said...

Love. I'm a cloth diaper junkie, too. Thanks for the shout out to Heiny Helpers. For those who are interested in our organization, please visit us at