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Monday, August 1, 2011

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Our Journey Into the World of Cloth Diapers

If you were to ask me 2 years ago if I were planning on using cloth diapers with my son, I would have said…No. However, when our first and only son was 22 months old I decided that it was something I was very interested in pursing. My interest began when we were planning on a family vacation to the beach and swim diapers came to mind. What was a frugal alternative to Little Swimmers? What could our son wear that I wouldn't have to spend so much money on to throw in the trash? And in research, I decided to try a cloth swim diaper.

After reading a friends blog, I found she was cloth diapering and selling homemade products at a local store I did not know existed. The store provides amazing natural alternatives to baby products, some manufactured by local individuals and companies. I just HAD to go there to visit and get advice. I knew that once I saw cloth diapers in person, and had a professional explain the products, I would commit fully or resist. Well, before I made the trip I had to discuss this financially with my husband. When I brought up the concept of cloth diapering, he resisted 100%. He stated that we sacrificed in so many ways to save money and that this was not of interest to him. So, I further explained the swim diaper to him and he was much more open to try a cloth swim diaper than using them for all day, every day use. I did tell him I wanted to buy a few for our up coming vacation to try for myself, he apprehensively agreed to that.

Prior to my trip to the store,my research lead me to one size pocket diapers. They seemed most economical for our family. They sold a small variety of bumGenius, Flip, Econobum, and a few other items. Their major sellers were BG and Flip. I settled on 1 BG pocket, and a day pack of the Flip Stay-Dry System. I also purchased a Bummis Swimmi Diaper. I was so excited to have that soft fluff in my hands and be able to try this new world out. I went home and immediately began to prep the diapers. When they were all prepped and ready to apply to my little one's bum, I was more excited than Christmas morning. He looked so adorable with his colored bottom and soft little tush! However, I always joke about how he needs to grow a booty, and this was the answer. Fluff gave him the bottom he has always needed.

In the month we have been cloth diapering, I have convinced my husband it is a great thing and can be economical with moderation. Our diaper stash has expanded to include more pockets, which are used for nighttime, Flip covers and many inserts, a few prefolds, Hemp Babies (which are amazing), and the newest addition…the Knickernappies diaper sprayer (best thought of invention since sliced bread). My husband is on board now and excited with the prospect that we are purchasing more diapers for an additional child in the future. He has wanted another baby for a while and this is a way to convince him that his dreams are in the closer future than originally thought. Our family is new to cloth diapering and we love it!

My name is Tabby and I am a wife and mother to my almost 2 year old son, Jackson. New to cloth diapering but loving every minute!

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Julie G. said...

My husband was also very reluctant to try cloth. So I talked him into taking advantage of doing a diaper trial to see what we liked and didn't like, or if we liked them at all. We got to try out 10 different diapers for 3 weeks he liked the idea that we could get our money back when "we decide we don't like it" (less a fee for cleaning and what not). We fell in love with cloth, well at least I did :) He doesn't mind them tho. They are much easier than he thought. I felt like this also saved us a lot of money in the end. We didn't have to buy diapers that we then decided we didn't like only to buy a different kind of diaper to find our favorite. We are also now purchasing more diapers whenever we can find good deals with the idea of more babies to come! :)