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Monday, August 15, 2011

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How Robots Help Protect Us From Diaper Odors

Whenever people find out that my husband and I made the leap to cloth diapers one of the first questions that is generally asked is, "yeah, but doesn't your house smell?"

I get it. My mom used the traditional prefolds and rubber pants combo and she told us stories about keeping our dirty diapers in a bucket… and subsequently how the entire house smelled like ammonia. To be honest, containing smells was one of our bigger concerns when we switched. We both already hated the fact that disposables had stunk up our cozy home.

After researching and discussing with some friends, I purchased our first cloth diaper accessory right along with our first cloth diaper purchase…and it is still my favorite accessory! We wanted to skip a diaper pail mostly because I couldn't think of anywhere to put it where my curious toddler wouldn't want to get in it and investigate. I wanted something small enough that it could be placed in our tiny bathroom, and out of the way of guests. And if I were to be totally honest, I wanted something cute. Yes, I wanted something cute to put dirty diapers in.

My robotronic Rumparooz wet bag arrived one morning and I'm pretty sure I squealed… before taking photos & emailing them to my husband. The design is clever. It's a traditional size in terms of wet bags, but it's half moon shape design allows it to expand and hold much more volume. But, I was nervous. It looked small, and with two in cloth diapers, I was not convinced it would hold the 15 diapers and 15 inserts that it claimed it could contain.

The first few months of our cloth diapering journey, our children were in cloth most of the day, but not overnight. Sure enough, our Rumparooz wet bag was quite capable to hold 15+ diapers. At the time we were still growing our stash, so when the bag became full, we just did a load of laundry.

It has contained smells beyond my expectations. I know what goes into that bag and I am amazed that I cannot smell it once I close that zipper. Additionally, we have experienced no leaks coming from the bag! We have since purchased two more prints, Gumball and Eco Owl, and use these in a rotation both at home & while we are out and about.

For us, we were looking for something small & compact that could be put out of sight to store our dirty diapers and this bag has met the mark. I love that we can also use these bags when we're running errands or spending the day at Grandma's, a versatile feature we wouldn't have had if we had chosen a pail liner.

The fact that the Rumparooz/Kanga Care wet bag comes in a variety of colors and prints is just another reason I love this bag. After all, one of the perks of using cloth is that it is much cuter than disposables. Why shouldn't your storage system for dirty diapers be just as cute?

Rachel is a proud wife to Jonathan & cloth-diapering mommy of two-year old Lucy & four-month old Jack. When she's not busy taming tantrums, folding laundry or snuggling with her little guy...she can be found sharing her world and unsolicited opinions at rachelonrewind.


Bethany said...

This is my favorite wet bag, too! No smells! I am tempted to buy the pail liner to see if it does as good of a job!

Its also a really great swim bag, too! We use it for wets when we go to the city pool.

Josh said...

i am a big fan of the robotronic pattern. we have yet to decide on a cloth diaper brand but this fabric choice makes it hard to look at others. Maybe i'll just end up with a wet bag in it then.

HollyAnne said...

I currently use a pail and liner combo (which I haven't had issues with), but I've been curious to try a wet bad method recently. I need a second container for dirty diapers while one container is in the wash. I think you may have just convinced me to try out this wet bag, especially after I saw those patterns! :D

Kristin said...

this wet bag sounds great, I may have to try it