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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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More Than One Use?

Have you heard the rave over the infamous diaper sprayer? Have you considered purchasing one but just can’t make up your mind? Need a few reasons to constitute spending that amount of money? Well, I am going to take a few minutes to explain a few things to you about diaper sprayer and why I would NEVER trade mine for the world, cloth or no cloth! I realize that many items in this discussion will not directly relate to cloth diapering, but bear with me, you will be thoroughly impressed by new things you will learn.

In general terms, the diaper sprayer is a device that simply attaches to the rear water line of your toilet. It comes in several different styles and brands but they all primarily do the same functions. They can be different colors, styles and attach by different mechanisms. However, what we purchase them for is to SPRAY POOP off of diapers and make it easier to wash. They do just that, they reduce the plopping, scraping, dunking, shaking, etc. Just hold the diaper over the water, turn the nozzle and spray…all poop is pretty much removed in a matter of seconds. The greatest invention since sliced bread!

Once I received my Knickernappies diaper sprayer in the mail from Kelly’s closet months ago, I was thrilled beyond compare. I knew I couldn’t cloth diaper without it any longer, having a toddler. I ran to the local hardware store, purchased a stainless steel water line, our house had an old copper line and wasn’t flexible. I had my husband attach the new water line and the sprayer. It was simple and only took 20 minutes to apply. Once it was connected, we gave it a shot and the amount of pressure that comes from this little nozzle was absolutely astounding! I knew cleaning diapers would be a breeze from now on with that type of pressure.

The additional uses that manufacturers recommend for the sprayer include post-natal care. I know when I was out after giving birth to my son; I was given a sprayer in the hospital but could never attach it to my bathroom sink as directed. Well, for future use it could be a great post-natal care cleansing product. Personally, I wish I had a sprayer in EVERY bathroom in my home because they are amazing for more than just cleaning diapers. I have learned that you can use the sprayer to clean the toilet and showers, too. In my son’s bathroom, the bathtub is next to the toilet and I scrub the tub with cleaner and use the high pressure sprayer to fully rinse clean with ease. It makes routine cleaning/disinfection a breeze! My final recommended use it to use it to spray your child. Before the sprayer, I was using a handled cup purchased in the baby section of the store to rinse soap and shampoo from my son’s hair and body. It would take several times of dumping water over his head to get all the soap out. However, with the sprayer it takes one good spray to remove all the soap. He loves being sprayed by it too, it is fun and he laughs hysterically the entire time. The water that comes out of the sprayer isn’t warm, but not freezing cold, so he can stand playing in it for a brief moment.

Going back to my first recommended use, post-natal care…you may wonder if it is high pressured will it not be too much pressure to clean “down there” and just so you know, there are two ways to adjust the pressure. You have a valve to turn the water off and on to the sprayer itself on the water line hookup, and you have a button to press on the sprayer handle. It can be full blast or trickle out. My one last suggestion is when you are not using the sprayer, to switch the water off at the water line valve, because they can and will leak on to the floor if left on. And coming home to water all over the floor is no fun.

I hope that I have convinced you to purchase a diaper sprayer if you are on the fence about getting one. They truly are a multi-purpose tool. You can get good use out of it before, during and after a baby is born. So, go and buy your diaper sprayer from Kelly’s Closet today!

By: Tabby a mother and wife, that works full-time and finds ways to make life a lot easier and economical!


Deltaflute said...

Kinda gross, but you can use them as a bidet. This is great if you suffer from things like hemorrhoids. I think that was the original intent of the design of the water sprayers because I see them advertized as such but the design is the same.

Jenney said...

I totally use my diaper sprayer for cleaning the tub out too. LOVE that thing!

Stephanie said...

I also love that I can use my diaper sprayer to spray out my daughter's potty now that she is potty training.

weaselby said...

I couldn't cloth diaper with my sprayer, no joke. And I use it to clean the tub, too!! :D Ah, love it, makes my least favorite chore so much faster. I'm totally going to use it for post-natal cleansing here in a few months, that's genius. So much better than filling a squeeze bottle while your bursting bladder is making you do a little dance. Thank you so much! I'e also read that you can use it to spray off your dog, if you bathe him in the tub. Oh, and thanks for the tip to switch it off, I keep walking in on puddles, but now I know how to fix that! :)

bidetsprayerman said...

Diaper Sprayers a few facts: No Diaper Sprayer on the market was manufactured for that purpose, they are all originally Hand Held Bidet Sprayers. That is why so many people are complaining about their sprayers breaking, because they were not made to handle the abuse. You can save money and buy a cheap plastic sprayer and then need to buy another one soon or you can get a Stainless Steel Sprayer at for a little more that will last, it comes with a 5 year warranty. Just a thought.....