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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Cloth Diaper FSOT: The Next Level of Addiction

If you looked at the title of this post, and you do not know what the acronym “FSOT” means, you have not entered the next level of cloth diaper addiction: cloth diaper swapping. FSOT stands for “For Sale or Trade” in the cloth diaper swap world. There are multiple Facebook groups and online forums for buying, selling, and trading cloth diapers. Diaper Swappers is probably the most popular website for diaper sale and trade, but I am sure there are numerous other websites as well.

I first got into swapping diapers when my daughter outgrew a few of her size small diapers. I was not in love with the particular brand, and I had heard other moms talk about the website, so I decided to check it out. I must admit, I was overwhelmed by the diaper swappers forum. It was a bit too much information and searching for my limited free time (i.e. nap time). A few days later, a Facebook friend posted to a cloth diaper swap and sell Facebook page. It showed up on my news feed so I checked it out. It was much easier for me to scroll through the Facebook page and look at what was FS (for sale) or what other people were ISO (in search of).

That day, I posted my first cloth diaper FSOT. Within a few hours, someone had sent me a PM (personal message) and wanted to trade for the diapers I was not in love with that my daughter had outgrown. After exchanging addresses, I packaged up the diapers, headed to the post office, and sent them on their way to a new home. Two days later, I received my “new” diapers in the mail and was beyond thrilled to get rid of two diapers I couldn’t use anymore (and most likely wouldn’t use again on a future child) in exchange for two diapers I had been wanting to try out (and ended up loving). Since that first trade, I have made many other trades, sold a few diapers, and bought a few diapers.

Whether you like to try different diaper styles and/or brands, or you like a specific style/brand, cloth diaper swapping and selling is a great way to build a perfect stash without having to spend a lot of money on brand new diapers. The beauty of cloth diapering is the fact that cloth diapers are made to last. Just because a particular diaper did not work for your child or lifestyle, does not mean that it isn’t a treasure to someone else. Swapping is an easy way to get what you need and get rid of what you don’t.

At first I was addicted to buying new cloth diapers to add to my stash. If I saw a new color or print, or if I read about a diaper that another mama was “in love with,” I would have to figure out a way to buy it. Since becoming involved with trading diapers, I have saved money and have an easier time justifying new colors or prints of my favorite diapers when they come out (bumGenius Dazzle – I’m talking to you!). Finding FSOT groups has taken me to the next level of addiction. I admit it; I am a cloth diaper swapping addict.

Bio: Michelle is a part time stay at home mom to her 8-month-old daughter. When she isn’t reading cloth diapering blogs or scouring the Internet for fluff deals, she can be found reading, running, or out and about with her husband and baby girl.


Bum Luxury said...

I was on the BBC swap board for awhile, but it didn't pull me in b/c I couldn't see the diapers unless I clicked on each post-I'm pretty sure that's how DS is. I love the Facebook swap groups, but they can be trouble b/c you see so many cute dipes! There are some better than others, but the main CDS group seems to be the fullest and most active for BSTing CDs. :)

the monkeys' mama said...

I'd love to get a link to the facebook FSOT cloth diaper group if it is open to the public :) thanks so much!