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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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When I was originally researching types of diapers to buy, I really liked the idea of AIOs and pockets due to their simplicity, but not the prices that went along with them. Flats were not an option as I needed something simple enough that a daycare provider would be able to use with ease. My middle ground ended up being prefolds and inserts –specifically Flip and Econobum. I bought a bunch of each from Kelly’s Closet and waited excitedly for them to arrive so I could begin using cloth diapers. While it took a little while to get used to and comfortable with cloth, things went really well. In fact, they were MUCH easier than we had expected! Now, after four months of exclusively cloth diapering, we have also managed to collect approximately thirty pockets, AIOs, and other covers as gifts, and from giveaways and freebies. These, in a broad assortment of brands and styles, gave us the ability to try many types that we never would have otherwise; and while I like them all to varying degrees (some quite a lot!), my unlikely go-to diaper has remained my covers (Flip or Econobum) with the Econobum prefolds.

Here are a few reasons why this has become my favorite diaper combination:

1. We give the Flip inserts to our childcare provider in order to keep things easy for her, which leaves us with the prefolds. Even though they require a little bit more attention, and I was originally a bit sad about not being able to use the “easier” inserts, I have definitely gotten over it! Now, I am glad to be “stuck” with the prefolds!
2. The prefolds are extremely absorbent. I am constantly amazed at how much they are able to hold, even twelve, fourteen, or more hours for that overnight stretch! I cannot remember the last time I had to deal with a leak when he was in this combination.
3. The covers are easy to manipulate. Maybe I am lucky and my baby is constantly “the perfect size,” but they always fit snug without leaving red marks and are easy to adjust. Plus they look simple, which kept my childcare person from feeling overwhelmed by lots of snaps, pockets, etc.
4. They keep in the “pooplosions”! Disposables leak, most of the pockets and AIOs leak for “the big ones,” and even the inserts can leak a bit at times. Not the prefolds. Those combined with a snug cover and nothing can ooze through! And I am talking about not even the runny stuff of my exclusively breastfed baby can find a way out of the diaper.
5. It is simpler than the “timesaving” options. I originally wanted pockets and AIOs because they seemed so easy –just take them off the baby when dirty, wash, dry, and put back on, right? Wrong. They have to be pulled apart when dirty, most of the washed parts have to air dry which takes a while, and then they have to be restuffed. With my prefolds I do not have to disassemble them when dirty, the prefolds go in the dryer, and the covers air dry very fast because there is no interior fabric. And my reassembly? Fold in thirds, place fleece liner on top (so baby stays dry), snap cover on, and go! I love it!
6. It is so much cheaper than the other versions. Now, would I like to own a few more pockets that have worked pretty well for us? Of course! But those are things I am limiting to getting through freebies, due to the fact that my cheaper ones still give me better results!

The only “downside” I have for prefolds are that they are currently a bit wide between my little guy’s legs (a “problem” which will be remedied as soon as he is big enough for them to be folded differently). But that is definitely a small price to pay for the good results we have had with them otherwise!

Everything considered, I am very glad I decided to order my covers and prefolds. I am happier with them than I ever expected I would be, and they go perfectly with our lifestyle!

Rebecca Brown is a busy mom who prefers spending more time with her little one, instead of stuffing diapers for him!


Bekah said...

Thank you for sharing, Rebecca! I am having many of the exact same thoughts, and have multiple friends who love their Flips! I think I just made up my mind for when my little one gets here in January!

Kelsie Harris said...

I have not tried the Flip system, but I own some Econobum covers and use the Indian prefolds I bought at cotton babies. That is what we started with since we did not have a huge cloth diaper budget starting out since I had just left my job to be a SAHM. The prefolds are incredibly absorbent and the covers surprisingly do not leak. I recently ordered some Kawaii Pure & Natural one size pocket diapers, which I highly recommend. They come with two microfiber inserts and the inside is so soft. They fit well and come in cute colors and prints. They cost less than my Econobum covers! I still love my prefolds and I think everyone should have some in their stash. They are very absorbent and quilt up beautifully in the dryer. I just don't like using them all the time. I would rather deal with stuffing pockets than mess with prefolds most of the time.