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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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It's Not An Affliction! 12-Step Fluff Program

Step 1. It's not an affliction. It's an addiction.
Step 2. Not all addictions are bad...
Step 3. The baby needs it. Why not?
Step 4. It's good for the environment and your baby's skin.
Step 5. They're just so darn cute!
Step 6. My favorite brand just came out with a 2.0, 3.0 etc. version and with new colors.
Step 7. They have resale value. It's not like these cost much in the long run.
Step 8. The baby will never grow at a faster rate. The diapers are too small. Time to shop.
Step 9. Can you say Kelly's Closet coupons and free diapers?
Step 10. Kelly's Closet Points.
Step 11. Kelly's Closet has another special! Free Diapers!
Step 12. Black Friday Buzzzzz Day!

This was not designed to cure you of your addiction only to justify it. Carry on. For Amber Steiner.

Tiffany Law – Nursing Student from New York City

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