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Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Self-Proclaimed Pocket Diaper Tester

I love cloth diapering, i love trying all kinds of cloth diapers to compare what i do and don't like about them. When I first started cloth diapering my son i really wanted to find that "perfect diaper" for our family. I have tried the cheapest diaper and also the more expensive diapers and one of the things i have learned is, "you get what you pay for".

I love prefolds and covers and i think that they are pretty good at containing most everything but they are a little harder to use for others so these are our "mommy diapers" that i use on him when i want less laundry and I'm just going to change him. On my quest to find the perfect pocket diaper i tried the "china cheapies", kawaii, bumGenius 4.0, Fuzzibunz os and a couple others... I have no problem with Fuzzibunz but the fit just didn't work for my 23 lb. chunky 7 month old guy so they were out of the competition.

The "china cheapies" are just that... cheap. They leak, the inserts are terribly thin and they are much too skinny in between the legs. The Kawaii heavy duty is definitely a second runner up and is priced great but i have had a couple leaks them. The Kawaii good night heavy wetter is my favorite night time pocket diaper and even though it is bulky i never have a leak with it.

My favorite day time diaper are my bumGenius 4.0. They are amazing!! I use them a lot and have yet to have a leak with them. They are very trim and i can use them on my son with just the one adjustable insert in them. I also can add in the infant insert and use them as a night time diaper and they work great! Only thing i wish bumgenius had more of is prints but i would sacrifice prints to get a good quality diaper any day!

So i guess my point is that for our family bumGenius are our favorite pocket diaper. They are dad friendly, daycare friendly and babysitter friendly and if pre-stuffed are just as easy (and much more pleasant smelling) than disposables. I wish i could give everyone who uses disposables just one BG 4.0 to try out because i think that if people could see that cloth diapering is not just plastic pants, prefolds and pins we would have more mommas come to the other side. My other recommendation for any diaper is to get snaps. I don't think hook & loop(Velcro) is much easier and it wears out faster and you have to make sure to always fold them in before washing so the Velcro does not snag on stuff. No one here has minded our snaps and the 2 hook & loop i have never get used and don't fit as good in my opinion. I also think that the extra you spend on a good diaper is worth it especially if you plan to have more kids because a bumGenius will last through multiple children unlike some of the cheap diapers that i have tried that are wearing out after 2 months.

Keep in mind that all baby's have different body types so different diapers work better for different babies. I think the beginning is always a learning curve to find what you love. Good luck diaper shopping and have fun, and if your ever having a crappy diaper day, buy a cute color in the diaper you love and it will give you a much needed boost and get you out of your rut.

Rachel is a stay at home, proud cloth diapering mom and wife to an amazing husband, 6 year old son, 4 year old daughter and 7 month old son who loves being green and teaching others how easy it is to be green. She is passionate about breastfeeding and organic living and loves to shop for cloth diapers.


Jenni said...

My new favorite is the Swaddlebees Simplex! Great fit and CUTE prints! :)

Katie S said...

I only have one bumGenius 4.0, but I love it!! I hope to get more for my next baby. The price is good and it's a great diaper. I love trying different styles, though, and I do love having a variety! But for someone who wants a more uniform stash, I'd definitely recommend the bumGenius 4.0!

Josh said...

This is good to hear. Our little one is due in March and i have been trying to figure out as much as I can on all this. We had somewhat decided on BG, both the 4.0, maybe an elemental and the new freetime intrigues me.

Then I started to get worried from all the other people that say don't put your eggs in once basket and you have to wait to figure out what you'll like and try a lot of different kinds before you pick one. It worries me because I am a deal shopper and 1. I don't want to have to wait to figure out what I need, since then I will need it right then and not be able to get the best prices. and 2. because i don't want to end up with a lot of diapers i tried and dislike. I know you can trade/swap them and all that. But still...

- A soon to be cloth Diapering Dad

Mary Green said...

I do love the Kawaii diapers but they have leaked a few times lately. I am on an adventure to find our best diaper. I loved the bumgenius but the staining turns me off. I also wish the tabs were a little longer. And, I, too, look forward to more prints.