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Sunday, December 4, 2011

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Connecting with Cloth

Having a child is a great way to meet other similar people, but I've noticed having a child in cloth diapers is an even better way. If another mom sees me changing my daughter's diaper, it's an instant conversation starter. From those moms unfamiliar with cloth, most responses are about what to do with the poop or that it looks easier and more modern than they thought. For those moms who also use cloth diapers, the discussion might veer toward favorite brands, washing routines, or a whole host of other "hot topics".

I'm fortunate to have met a network of other moms since my daughter was born who I would have never met otherwise. We now get together regularly and though not all cloth diapered from day one, several of us are full-time cloth diaper addicts now and can - and have - spend hours giving each other reviews of the diapers we've tried or sharing what's on our wish list. We've even trekked around neighboring towns together to visit cloth diaper stores. Crazy? I'm sure our husbands think so! But as a new mom it's so important to find other new moms in your shoes, and sharing a common ground like cloth diapers is just one thing to have in common. After all, like-minded people often share similar interests.

I realize that not all moms live in an area where cloth diapering is as common as where I live, which is why online communities are another great way to connect with fellow CDing mamas. Though you may never meet them, there's no doubt plenty to talk about and it's a great way to virtually escape to a place of moms like you. Have you met more cloth diapering moms than you thought you would?

Ann J. is a cloth diaper fanatic and mom to a 22-month-old daughter with the cutest cloth diaper butt on the block!

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Erlinda said...

It's nice that you've got a small community of CDing friends...None of my friends or family CD, only me.