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Sunday, December 11, 2011

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December Spotlight Mom

Traci R. Wishes Her Cloth Diapers Would Wash and Stuff Themselves, Do You?

Traci R. lives in Fort Polk, LA and is mom to Kolten (11 months). She is a Labor & Delivery nurse and finds that motherhood has changed the way she treats her patients. Find out what Traci has to say about diapering, motherhood and everything in between:

What is the #1 reason you cloth diaper your baby? I cloth diaper my baby to save money. I didn't know just how much money it would save, but I constantly watch friends buy diapers at the store every week and I can't see myself spending $15 (or more) every trip to the store on wasteful products.

Who has been your biggest cloth diapering supporter/cheerleader? My biggest cheerleader/supporter is (finally) my husband! It took about three months for him to accept cloth diapering. I recently switched to cloth wipes and now he only uses cloth wipes!!! It's amazing! He's come a long way.

What is your favorite diaper and why? My favorite diapers are my Flip covers with organic inserts! Easy to clean, easy to wash, and they absorb a ton! They are by far my favorite nighttime diaper too.

If you had one superhero power, what would it be and why? My super power would be that my diapers would wash and stuff themselves! Lol

Describe your parenting style using three words. Patient. Unconditional. Systematic.

What is one product you absolutely can't live without! I have come to realize how important my diaper pail and Rumparooz pail liner have become in my house. Being a full time working mom, my diaper load can get quite heavy.

How do you think being a mother has changed you? Being a mother has changed my world and perspective on life. It has changed the way I care for my laboring patients and new moms (I'm an RN in Labor & Delivery). It has also made me a better wife. I have so much more patience with everything and it has definitely inspired me to live a greener life (cloth diapers and wipes, homemade baby food, etc.). I am looking forward to my next journey in motherhood (hopefully in 2012)!

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What a beautiful baby!