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Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Fluff for the Holidays

Ever since I fell into the world of modern cloth diapering I have not stopped looking at them and dreaming. My husband was very strict at first with only one type of diaper in the house, our FuzziBunz One-Size Pocket Diapers. Overtime a couple Blueberry and Kawaii One-Size pockets have entered our stash. Actually the Kawaii diapers as our freebies from Kelly’s Closet are some of his favorites and he loves how stuffable they are for nighttime.

Naturally as the holidays approached we thought about what to get our little guy. He is 7months old so he clearly won’t remember or understand. As my husband and I were discussing, I quickly decided new diapers were a must. He agreed that I was allowed to get him 5 new diapers for Christmas. He of course mumbled who are these really for? He was very clear that they must all be one-size pockets.

With his guidelines in mind, my decisions had to be made. There are so many great diapers I wanted to try and some many prints as well. Since we are a US Navy family the Blueberry minky camo print was a must. I also decided on the messy hands and dino print from Blueberry as well. I took this opportunity to branch out to Rumparooz since my neighbor, a fellow cloth diaperer, loves them. We went with the robot print. This left just one more diaper left. Then I saw the new bumGenius prints, the Albert print was meant for me. As the daughter of parents who both hold math degrees and my goal to one day be a high school math teacher, the math print diaper was just too much to resist. Now I just had to patiently wait for the print to get stocked. Not only was this purchase a new brand for us but I also went with their new freetime design. I cannot wait to get it and try it out.

Of course all the diapers are getting prepped before getting put under the tree. My husband asked me why and I just answered if I was our son as soon as I saw them I’d want to put one on and I want them to be ready. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I am sure I’ll figure out a way to get our son a few more for his birthday in May. Maybe I’ll just teach to my children to get just as excited as I do for new diapers.

Alexandra L. is a first time mom to the happiest little boy.


Kathryn said...

Just got the Albert BG in the mail a few days ago. It was on backorder for almost a month! How patient I was :) I couldn't even wait for the inserts to have their 5 washes. I washed the pocket and used inserts from a different diaper. It's the cutest diaper we have and my absolute favorite. I know you will love it too!! BG's are pretty awesome :)

modern cloth nappies said...

I am and my husband is also strict when it comes to our kids. Because we know how itchy rashes are... even us adult can't handle it. Making kids irritable.