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Sunday, January 29, 2012

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7 months into my 12 step program

I started my cloth diapering 12 step program the day my daughter was born, I stopped buying fluff – amazing huh? She was my first child and as a first time mom, I was so overwhelmed with caring for her, I had no time to look at or research cloth diapers. {If you read my first post “They have a 12 step program for that right?” {(Original Article){scroll down} you will understand.} I got through the first 3 weeks ok, AND THEN I was able to start thinking coherently, I had some routines down and started having some free time during the day when she was sleeping. So, off to the computer I went to catch up on my email and the cloth diapering blogs and boards.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED. I FELL OFF THE WAGON. I had purchased a variety of newborn diapers, and did not like two of the styles because they didn’t fit my daughter’s build and we were getting leaks. So rational dictated that it wouldn’t hurt to replace just those diapers with my favorite bumGenius Newborn AIO because I could resell them and recoup some of my money back.

That was the beginning of the end because a month later she was big enough to fit into her one sized diapers. That is when the ONGOING CHECKLIST started. She was sleeping through the night at seven weeks – yes I know I am very lucky - so I needed hemp doublers, check, bought 6. The hemp was so great, and my daughter is a HEAVY wetter, so double check; I replaced my entire microfiber stash with hemp inserts, a luxury but, wow, the BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz hemp is amazing.

I then thought I might have to change my wash routine because of the hemp, so check, I bought Tiny Bubbles, bumGenius and Rockin Green detergent to try out along side with my Charlie’s Soap. I read about funky smells - check, I bought some Bac-Out in case I needed it. I worried I may have to strip my diapers - check, I bought a box of calgon and some packets of RLR. Then of course I needed to get a bottle of blue dawn. FINALLY, I figured I was done, complete and I had it all – checklist was completed - I was ready to get back on the wagon.

Then, when trying to climb back up on the wagon - THE WAGON WENT AND ROLLED OVER ME. It happened, the BUMGENIUS FREETIME DIAPER. I.WAS.IN.LOVE. Check, I initially bought 2 just for fun to try them out. They were so easy to rinse with the diaper sprayer – those flaps just hang over the toilet easy peasy and the new colors Dazzle and Einstein were calling my name. I now have 7 more on the way. Truth be told, I’m trying to figure out a way to replace my entire stash with these diapers, however, I doubt my husband will go for it. I guess I’ll have to wait for baby #2 and use the “some diapers are worn out and need to be replaced line” before I can get some more.

What is surprising through all of this is that I am STILL saving money over disposables, even after all this spending. Off of my original stash of diapers we broke even with the cost of disposables when my daughter turned 5 months old. With the additional spending and the extra hemp, it went to approximately 9 months. So, depending upon when my daughter begins to potty train, I figure I should have about a year and a half of free diapering – and that doesn’t even include the savings I’ll have with child #2.

BIO: Brenda is a first time mom. She quit the financial word fast lane to become a full time mom at age 41 – and doesn’t regret the decision for one minute. She has a very understanding fluff loving husband named Mike and a beautiful daughter named Camden who has the cutest fluffy butt in the world.

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