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Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Toddler Day Trips: A Tale of Two Bags

1. Day trips to the park, playgroups or the mall:

I have been a mom for nineteen months. In that time I have downsized the diaper bag to a small backpack. I usually carry boxed juice, a sippy cup with water; a couple of small toys and books, disposable wipes, my wallet, hair clip and phone, one footy pajama for a clothing change and snacks. When it comes to diapers we use the Flip or Econobum covers. If he has a stay-dry insert at home and he is fine before we leave, I carry a wet bag to bring it home. If we are out the door and he needs a change, we switch to a biodegradable insert. I use the Gdiaper inserts because those are the ones I could buy at the store in a pinch. They work just fine with either cover. Flip has biodegradable inserts and I will probably order some when I finish with the Gdiaper inserts. If they are as good as the stay dry cloth inserts I will probably be a convert.

Because I like the convenience of traveling with a small bag, I cannot fit pocket diapers and much less carry the poopy things with me in a tight space! That is why the Flip and Econobums are excellent for traveling. The biodegradable inserts can be disposed of in any trash receptacle and it keeps things simple. Plus either of these covers can usually be wiped after a solid poop if everything was contained. Normally, I carry three inserts, an extra diaper cover, a few bags for disposal and a receiving blanket as a “changing pad”. I usually change him in the car, a friend’s floor or a grassy area. Public bathrooms are my last option and I try to avoid them if I can.

As a compliment to my downsized diaper bag I keep some essentials in the car. I carry a change of clothing for my son, a couple of my least favorite pocket diapers (purchased used), wipes, a blanket, two cotton prefolds (mostly to wipe up messes), a few empty grocery bags, a bottle of water, a coloring book with crayons, a board book and various snacks.

All this will change when my new little one arrives. I bet the diaper bag will be much bigger!

2. Day trip to part-time preschool:

I am fortunate that the part-time Parents Day Out program at a local church was happy to accept cloth diapers. My son attends twice a week for four hours. This diaper bag is a little different. To make things easier on the school I pack four labeled pocket diapers. He also wears a pocket diaper to school. A reusable medium size wet bag from Planet Wise is great for the teachers and that way I get any soiled diapers back at the end of the day. I also include disposable wipes, my son’s lunch, a change of clothes and a pacifier for nap-time. This bag is much larger, but since I do not have to carry it for long periods it works just fine!

Bio: Sofia M. is currently a SAHM to a toddler and is expecting her second child.

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