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Monday, February 27, 2012

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Snaps or Velcro: Which is Better?

In all my research on cloth diapers, the overwhelming response to the age-old question, “Snaps or Velcro?” was a resounding: snaps. Velcro gets pilly. Velcro wears out. Older babies figure out how to undo Velcro and take their diapers off, etc. All answers pointed to snaps, and I was satisfied. The first diapers in my stash were all snaps and I was pleased. They were easy to put on, they stayed put, and my husband didn’t mind them either.

Then two things happened: 1. I went back to work part-time and would be having a nanny (a wonderful young lady who had never heard of cloth diapers) watch my daughter, and 2. My daughter mastered what we call “the death roll” and diaper changes went from a fun, bonding experience to an Olympic event. My decision to swear off Velcro because of its downsides quickly reversed. All of a sudden Velcro sounded wonderfully easy for an inexperienced nanny and extremely quick and efficient to put on.

We purchased 6 bumGenius pockets with hook and loop closures (i.e. Velcro). They came, I prepped, and we tried them out. I was instantly in love. They are quick, efficient, and they fit like a glove around her thighs and waist every time. Do I still love my snaps? Of course, but my Velcro serve a wonderful purpose in my stash that I never knew I would need.

There are definitely still downfalls to Velcro aside from the common wear and tear. Although I remember to put them back on their laundry tabs each time, it isn’t usually on my husband or nanny’s mind to remember to do so. This typically isn’t a problem unless it’s a poopy diaper. Velcro + poop = a mess! My mother in law also likes to treat them like a disposable, because they are similar to one, and will roll them up and use the Velcro tabs to stick to the outside of the diaper (much like you would roll up a disposable and fasten the tabs around it to create a “ball”). This snags the diapers and makes my skin crawl! With Velcro, there is more reminding of others that you don’t have to do with snaps.

Downfalls aside, I would say I actually prefer Velcro. So if you are researching cloth diapers for a future baby, or if you were swayed in the “only snaps!” direction like I was, take note. Velcro has its place in a cloth diapers stash and serves a wonderful purpose that snaps do not.

Bio: Michelle is a part-time stay at home mom to a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. When she isn’t scouring the Internet for fluff deals, she can be found reading, running, and hanging out with her husband and baby girl.


Denae said...

I prefer velcro too. We started out with a mostly velcro and I am super glad now that my daughter has perfected the twist. Though I will say the BG snaps were the easiest snaps to use.

raych said...

I can see how velcro would have benefits, but we're leaning toward snaps. Our house contains a maine coon cat, a shaggy black dog of unknown breed, and two adults with long hair. To say that hair control is an issue in our house is to put it mildly. Velcro just doesn't last long, no matter how hard we try to keep velcro stuff fur-free. I might consider it for some newborn covers, since we won't be using those for very long, but once we move up to the one-size diapers for more long-term use I can't see velcro working.

Lisa said...

I've been impressed at least at the research phase with GoGreen diapers because they offer what they call "adapt-a-snap" basically all their diapers come with snaps, but you can buy this "adapt-a-snap" which is basically velcro that snaps onto the diaper's snaps instantly making a velcro diaper! this seems like the best of both worlds because you can decide which you want depending on the day, your mood, whatever! and if the velcro goes bad, just buy a new "adapt-a-snap" thing. Anyways, sounds really cool on paper- but I don't have a baby to try it on yet! anybody have experience with this?